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Prague: A Vampire, a Sunset and an Electrocution

The Castle is phenomenal. It's a 'Castle' alright, although it may not match exactly what every person would imagine it should look like. Traveling to a location that speaks English may be easier, but it will never "ensure" safety - it doesn't ensure safety in U.S. destinations. The problems we encoutered had nothing to do with a language barrier, enough English was spoken. It was winter, but we visited several cities in Eastern Europe that trip, and none of them had the unique schedule difficulties we encountered in Prague. Now we know, for next time, and we can plan better. And by staying in the Old City/New City areas, instead of on the outskirts as we did, any trip to Prague would be much easier. And HIGHLY recommended! Just travel smart, as best as you can, like any other trip. It was a magical place, social conventions aside, and a heaven for any history buff.

Prague: A Vampire, a Sunset and an Electrocution

Awesome. Just awesome. Great writing, the pictures are so pretty! I felt like I was there but w no vampires and a real mojito.

Why My Daughter's Middle Name is Vienna

Loved it! What a sweet, happy story, and that feeling at a great show - so true! Thank you! - Marilyn

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