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Qualcomm's Jacobs fishing for funds for Fletcher

It seems the two problems with the city are: unions/pensions and corporate welfare. Both take money away from tax payer concerns. If we move the pension management out of the hands of the unions/city workers, and into a system with state rules, then that would seem to solve one problem. The city of Bell went bankrupt for the same pension/corruption problem.

Qualcomm's Jacobs fishing for funds for Fletcher

Dear Don, I wasn't suggesting that the city pensions combine with STRS. PERS is the public state system. It seems that to have a separate system for the city leads to money manipulation and corruption. At least in this case it has.
Actually, STRS is much less generous than PERS. I don't know why any pension system would have a separate health care instead of Medicare. PERS is in great need of reform.

Qualcomm's Jacobs fishing for funds for Fletcher

I am a novice here. A retired educator with a state teacher's pension. Why doesn't the city merge their pensions with the state's? City Schools does not have their own pension system. It seems to be very expensive to do it this way, when you don't need to. Is it a power thing?

Also, why couldn't there be caps on the big pensions?

Aguirre wants secure water supply, lower electric rates, infrastructure upgrade

How about Bruce Coons? He has announced and seems to fit the bill. All he needs is money.

Number of mayoral candidates now stands at nine...make that 13

The people of San Diego elected a progressive who was not bought and paid for by a millionaire developer or billionaire king maker. I think Bruce Coons would be a great replacement for Filner, with great interpersonal skills and character and who would work for the people of San Diego instead of those who just want to privatize public assets.

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