Comments by socomom

What am I doing in Eastlake?

Don't do Zumba or wear make up on my workouts - but yes I do like big sunglasses. I'm open to poking a bit of fun to our 'suburbia' life. I'm sure any planned community can have some 'funnies". Obviously, that this writer decided to publicly rant about where she is raising her children - well, sadly she has bigger issues. What I'm not okay with is her advocating to not visit South County and the SDReader deciding that this would be great cover story grab. I guess the SDReader doesn't have many South County advertisers. Or maybe it hoped it would generate more readers. Whatever the case, communities need commerce and homebuyers for all the amenities most communities want - awesome schools, roadways, shops, entertainment.... . So not only was this article an insult to those of use living and investing in Eastern Chula Vista - it really was a slap to all those businesses and schools residing in the South County. Lady, you just added to the stereotype and discrimination many of us have been fighting against for years. Maybe next time instead of publicly crying about it ... maybe you can get civically involved to make some sustainable practical changes.

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