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Junior Theatre reformer sues city

Everyone should thank and assist Matt Valenti. Subjugation by dirtbags shows deliberate cover-up, perpetuation of child sex abuse. Criminal by definition. Hide your kids or lock them up.

Car won from casino still undelivered

Have to re-file using form 540 and 540X, I think. Took a long time to find that info, tax guy didn't even know. Mine is right in front of me because I'm writing another letter and sending my documentation to the Franchise Tax Board that has not sent check for several thousand dollar refund due to me, the IRS Dept of Treasury sent refund here a-year-and-a-half ago.

Congresswoman claims a Filner groping (years ago)

It's called culturally disgusting, especially when little girls have to giggle and put up with it from their fathers.

Congresswoman claims a Filner groping (years ago)

16 women have come forward (so far) with sexual misconduct claims ranging from groping to rape by the now President of the United States Donald Trump. He flashes something shiny and blinds with false promises and Nothing Happens. But a political hack lynch mob wants Dem Minnesota Senator Al Franken to resign over uncomfortable she said encounters twice. Self-righteous vigilantes are dangerous to all of us. Fake Justice.

Congresswoman claims a Filner groping (years ago)

Each case of accusation has to be judged individually. He said, she said, but nothing so far as pulling a rabbit out of his pants.

Lovejoy and McDavid guilty of attempted murder

People who need a divorce should have not been fools into getting married. They take their own blame and financial losses. Murder is not an option. Just move on stupid.

O.B.'s hypodermic needles by the sea

Guess the outrage has been wasted on a Target store in the neighborhood. This must represent a neighborly, sophisticated atmosphere, cool to somebody, from some damn where.

Tiny homes for the homeless and your backyard

They don't train police to deal with mental illness but they should be in everybody's backyard to take care of? Who's the coo-coo bird?

Kratomystic enhancers sold from Mission Gorge mailbox

Apparently they knew it wouldn't pass product evaluation for safety or truthfulness. But I recall it was nuts, maybe not fish oil, that seems to be health beneficial but has to be consumed in limited amount. My question is how much oil is too much? Should be curing illnesses and admitting causes of physical problems with more education, not hide relevant facts from us. Our kids don't deserve that. Plus, on kratom, it doesn't make sense to take a pill with a questionable reputation till reputably we know one way or other. Although if it is beneficial to the body it's a shame to waste the idea. Weird that marijuana is still schedule 1 drug but everywhere.


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