Comments by shanimaldow

Cosplay in the park

Hi my name is Shannon, and yes, I was one of the girls who let her tag along. I just want to say to the entire cosplay community that I am sorry I ever did this. I thought she would write a nice article that would bring more interest to the cosplay community. However, I was completely wrong. For half the time that the reporter was with us, she didn't even tell us when she started recording our conversations, and many of the 'insulting' remarks were meant as jokes. Me and Marina both like Hetalia, watched the anime and have thought about cosplaying as Hetalia characters. I am not a diehard cosplayer and am actually really new to the community, and my main focus in life is school. I would never have agreed to this if I knew it would turn out like this. In response to the person who thinks I might just be a douchebag and a 'catty, childish cosplayer', I won't say I'm the most wonderful person ever, but please don't call my friend Marina bad names. She is a very nice person. I sincerely apologize for my mistake and I hope I can be forgiven. I love to cosplay and I would hate to leave the community now.

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