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Neighbors take sides in Normal Heights dog dispute

Ha! I completely agree with you! We have a dog; we love our dog like he's our baby. He's completely spoiled rotten, sometimes I think he forgets he's a dog. However, we draw the line at subjecting our dog to other people's comfort and safety. We don't take him into stores, unless it's a pet store. Even then, we make sure we've walked him because he is always quite interested in leaving "p mail" for other dogs, and we don't relish being embarrassed. We also never take him to street fairs. #1. He hates crowds and pulls on his leash in an effort to get away. We learned this right after getting him at Helen Woodward, and never, ever take him where there will be a large gathering. Also, #2, his paws. On a hot day (like the NP Festival of the Arts) I don't think it's good for their paws to be on the hot blacktop. Just IMO, of course, but if all dog owners would just remember that loved "baby" of the family is in fact a CANINE, life would be so much easier!

City bucks for “twinkle lights”

Do you mean these beautiful sidewalks? This is University Ave., between 29th and 30th St. Exactly where the "twinkle lights" will go.

AirBnB, the elephant in the room

Thank you for a great comment! We have just endured 2 weekends of huge parties in the airbnb/vrbo rental next door to us. Last week, there was a party on Sunday that exceeded 35 people. Not sleeping there, just spilling all over the street, cars parked everywhere....and lots and lots of noise. To their credit, they were quiet at night.

This past weekend, people came and went all weekend. Day after day, taxis pulled up and brought some people, carted others away. Friday must have been a wedding of some sort; guests were picked up in a large (aka tourist-type) bus. Again, for all the noise during the day, they were quiet at night. I imagine the owner of the property (ALWAYS ABSENTEE) has laid down the law about the patio and noise since we have made it clear we will have zero tolerance for this.

You are correct. Mass profits for the owners at the expense of the people who live here daily, pay taxes and work hard to live in these very small houses, in the most desirable neighborhoods of San Diego. And, if we ever want to sell our house, as long as this operates as a "hotel", which it is! - we have to declare it as a nuisance to any potential buyers. Just think what that does for property values.

I'm glad the city ruled this way. We will be watching carefully to see what happens next both in our neighborhood (not Burlingame) and other single family residential neighborhoods throughout San Diego that are plagued by this "sharing" community.


Love your comment! The house next door to us was a rental for the first 9 years we lived here. Then the owner found out how much money he could make renting as a "vacation rental". Does he live there? No. He took a whole house rental off the rental market, and a studio apartment (probably not even permitted) off the market, and rents them out at $300 per night and $125 per night. There goes 2 possible solutions to the housing shortage in San Diego.


So true. Mission Beach is done. Next will be Pacific Beach. The writing's on the wall. Who will fall next? South Park? North Park? Bay Park?


So, it sounds like you think anyone who does not like or agree with the concept of AirBnB is NOT a nice person? Because they want to live in a neighborhood, not a commercial zone? Tell me. Do YOU live next door to a hotel? Do YOU have different cars slamming their doors at all kinds of crazy hours 5 ft. from your windows, with nary a care in the world because they'll be here for 2 or 3 nights and then check out and go back to their cozy neighborhoods which really ARE neighborhoods? San Diego has got to take this tiger by its tale and set rules and regulations on this. You need look no further than Mission Beach to see the consequences of this unchecked. No schools. No neighborhoods, periods. Pacific Beach will be next. Is that all right with you?

By the way, I do not live in Burlingame. But I do have a "vacation rental" next door to me. We have had a bachelorette party, a wedding party of 17 people for one week in a house with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Street parking is not such a huge issue as we ARE a single family residential area and there is usually plenty of street parking. So - I repeat - does this describe where YOU live? If not, don't prejudge those who don't want this next door to them.


GREAT response! This was a totally one-sided article. Let's hear it for the neighbors. I'm not a Burlingame resident, but I do live next door to a "vacation rental" in a single-family residential neighborhood, and believe me, it is no fun.

Hotel business slumps in January

The hotel industry should take a look at all these homes here that are being rented out on a nightly basis as well. We live in an area that is high on rentals, and now one of these homes has been turned into a nightly rental. Do they pay hotel taxes? If someone is using a house as a business, shouldn't they have to pay some sort of tax, and shouldn't they have permits or some such? Just curious.

Hedgecock firm gives big to anti-Alvarez campaign

Actually, pheller, I absolutely do not like Mr. Hedgecock's politics, particularly his almost diabolical hatred of national Democratic politics, and THAT is why I would never support a candidate he backs. Not this article. This article just simply gave me an opportunity to voice an opinion. And the next commentator said it best: "With friends like Roger Hedgecock, Kevin Faulconer won't need enemies." And I do NOT need to grow up. I'm as grown up as I'll ever be, and do not really need childish admonishments.


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