Comments by pattbush43

Glenn Cashman Quartet at Jazz Live

Was it a good intro to jazz for those who have little experience w/ that music--safe not risky might be "comfortable" to a new audience.

"The Last Balladeer: The Johnny Hartman Story" book-signing on July 31

You were able to grow and become a fan with exposure to new types of musicians/vocalists. Knowledge expands horizons in any discipline. The challenge is to encourage people to try something new.

Mikan Zlatkovich Group brings fusion to life at 98 Bottles

What a great performance! You keep me informed about what's happening on the jazz scene in San Diego.

Diane Moser: "WDMO" just out on Planet Arts

I love the phrase "languid, slippery atmosphere" because it feels like "Summertime"

Ensemble Off n On + Leonard Patton: Live

There are many risks in music (and life) but w/out risks things don't change and grow.


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