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Sweetwater district teachers vote on strike

Yes plonk your kid in front of an iPad and see what happens. Why didn't that work when we put books in front of them?

Serious supporters of Sweetwater trustee Pearl QuiƱones

the union negotiates a contract, and ensures due process that is all. Admin needs to follow through.

Sweetwater board meeting times may change

Apparently they do not understand, or they understand too well. This board has lost the trust of the public. Exactly who does the time change benefit?

Sweetwater board meeting times may change

These people have no shame. Brand is nothing short of a carpetbagger.

Sweetwater school board supporters and detractors show in court

Sorry does a doctor always lower his fee just because it is a child he/she is treating? A contract is a contract and in a free somewhat capitalistic society teachers are allowed to negotiate...welcome to America. I am sure all the teachers spend their holidays in San Tropez because they have such extravagant salaries.

Sweetwater U partnership opposed by Freedom from Religion

Again the article is not about the union or it's actions, keep trying to triangulate all you want. Brand is accountable for his actions. And good for the union and other people for calling out the actions of the board.

Sweetwater U partnership opposed by Freedom from Religion

Read my statement and the article(or find someone to help you) I am dealing with it fine.


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