Comments by orayzio

Gaslamp 15, we hardly knew ye

This theater was used quite often for advanced screenings, especially during Comic-Con, so it'll be interesting to see if the Comic-Con screenings all get moved to Horton Plaza.

Owls and emotions in South Park canyon

I completely agree with HonestGovernment

The only thing endangered here is the privacy and status quo of the Granada property owners.

This is literally a NIMBY issue for Mr. Kipperman: he is asking the community to buy the land behind his house so that no one will build on it and obstruct his view and access to the park.

It's ridiculous that people are falling for this.

Blockbuster Video goes bust in North Park

I used to work for the local video chain, Video Library, until they were swallowed by Blockbuster Video. Video Library had a lucrative porn video business (both Betamax and VHS), but that and the unrated videos were pulled out of the stores and I was quick to leave, as well.

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