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Proposal Could Limit Health Insurance Rate Hikes

Wow, it is about time consumer watchdog - sick 'em boy! Imagine life without prop 103? Auto insurance is high enough. The government works with insurance company lobbyists - get big government off our backs - stave the beast!

Failure to Extend Payroll Tax Break, Jobless Pay Could Hurt, Says Economist

Don, good points. Look at another superpower - Rome. The empire fell in part because of a government system that imposed excessive tax due to it's bloat - keeping the empire afloat.

The us tax system, wasteful spending, and shipping: shipping jobs overseas (china) and buying goods from there, wide open door to illegal immigrants - may of whom work under the table, pay no tax and send the majority of their earnings back home (out of the country). Energy - buying tons of foreign oil means shipping billions of dollars out of the country daily. Keeping people at home on unemployment when the government could start up a work program to provide jobs - repairing roads, buildings, streets, refitting buildings with insulation and solar water heaters - etc is there any shortage of work that needs to be done?

Back for the umpteenth time

I have volunteered at St V's. Lots of good times in the kitchen chopping 50 large onions or heads of lettuce. It sounds like you are making some good changes - giving up cigarettes and coffee. Keep the momentum up. A neighbor moved out of there into a real apartment. Save money when you can and don't loose hope.

Paul Mt Hope resident

The Stock Market Roller Coaster

Great info, thanks. I do a little small time investing myself. I'm surprised how much trading takes place in pre-market enough to move the dji 200-300 points before the market opens! Who is doing all this trading and with how much $$$? 100B + ?

Robert Downey Jr. Invokes Words of Jewish Teacher in Imploring Hollywood to Forgive Mel Gibson

Really funny but Mel's got a drinking problem that he needs to fix and probably a bunch of emotional problems that he needs to deal with in therapy before the 'real mel' is ready to emerge.

Hidden Pipeline, Secret Menace?

Great article. How do we get the replacement project moving forward? We could use the stimulus money and help people that are out of work.

Mission Beach Apartment Fire

Thanks for posting that. I feel bad for everyone the lives there. Where will they go?


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