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Something in the air

Rock solid, FatCat! Come check out the show and we'll change your mind forever. Free Airroz con pollo until 10pm. Find me and first drink's on me.


Much love to Mitt and Goldiroxxx for the support!

Something in the air

The first mistake is to think of it as only a competition. The US Air Guitar Championships is an experience. It's a sexy, awkward three-way between a rock concert, performance art and comedy. Sure - you would certainly judge a competitor on their technical chops, but would you be entertained watching them sit quietly, hard focused on hitting every "note"? Absolutely not. You want them in that blue sequined jumpsuit jumping all over the stage. You want a confetti cannon to explode as the final cymbal crash hits. You want what in all honesty, is lacking in a lot of real live music performances today - ENERGY.

It's an individual 60 seconds of fury from each air guitarist, followed by the witty banter of the judges, as they sling liquor coated insults and compliments alike to those brave enough to get on stage. It's a brotherhood of idiots who don't take themselves too seriously. And for many of us, it's the only opportunity we have to perform on a stage we otherwise have no business being on. To say that I've played in front of a sold out crowd at The Troubador is pretty damn cool, if you ask me.

So are you wrong? I won't say that you are. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Are you missing out on a good time? Absolutely.

And don't even get me started on my air cooking. My AIRroz con pollo is delectable.

Lieutenant Facemelter in Training for Air Guitar Championship

For anyone in need of a Facemelting or those who think they have what it takes to compete, come check out the San Diego regional this Friday, July 15th!

More info on signups and other air guitar related awesomeness at

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