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Sweetwater U partnership opposed by Freedom from Religion

If you are concerned about this issue please take some time to watch the PBS Frontline Documentary: view frontline doc "College, Inc. here

Who is Michael Clifford? Who are the investors working with him? What are these investors up to? Is education a product one can package and sell to the most vulnerable? Did you know that student loans--unlike a mortgage or car loan or credit card loan--cannot ever be discharged, even in bankruptcy? Why are these investors so interested in contriving a means to get Sweetwater district children into debt?

I am also concerned about the separation of church and state issues. SUHSD is a public school system (even if the board members sell themselves to the highest bidder). But the danger of a school like GCU is not that it will indoctrinate rather than educate. (although that may be true) The danger is that this school is a scheme to profit from vulnerable families in a time when we're cutting funding to public education.

Please watch the documentary. Spread the word. The SUHSD admin and board cannot be allowed another way to profit from what should be public service.

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