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Political mansion’s historic tale of woe

yeah sadly I agree BK. although hey at least saving this great home works for their agenda this time.

Will money defeat Barrio Logan residents?

Please, the "corporate interests" are Jennifer LeSars development interests on the LEFT!!! What a sham this whole production is. If these people are so worried about "health" from pollution why do they wanna put 2000 new homes ON the I5????

San Diegan stiffs Detroit on parking tickets

Hey Don, I was looking for all your Filner stuff especially Palace Coup. I saw none of your or my Filner stuff is up. Do you know anything? I seriously hope SD Reader did not take that down. that was critical info....

Atkins pushes bill so 30% of your neighbors can redevelop you

Look at my blog and how many articles I have about her and Jennifer LeSar....they both need to be investigated. They are not helping the poor. they are pimping the poor for profit.

Atkins pushes bill so 30% of your neighbors can redevelop you

she is the biggest poverty pimp in the nation! why do you think Ive been warning about her and her wife Jennifer Lesar for sooo long? This money will go to her to build more of her tenement housing slums. See Florida street or El Cajon Blvd. Enough is enough This woman needs to be in jail. File a lawsuit via section 225 of the City Charter forcing the city to open up the shell companies this city does business w/. they are illegal per our Charter. Her name will be in there and we can finally put her in jail once and for all.

How Goldsmith tries the Filner case on TV

Unnecessary roughness By Matt Potter Published Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2008 , San Diego reader According to a signed statement by Christine dated April 15, 1986, Goldsmith “began yelling and screaming at me in obviously uncontrolled anger. He then gave me a hard shove in the chest and cocked his fist in an extremely threatening manner. All of this appeared in front of the children causing them to be extremely upset and telling their father not to hit their mother. He then began throwing items off the kitchen counter in his continuing rage. I could not leave at that time without further aggravating the situation and exposing myself to potentially further harm.” The next day, she said, she slept at her sister’s house with the children. “I am afraid to go back to the house the Respondent is still there as I feel his anger may once again get the best of him and he may, in fact, cause physical danger to myself and irreparable harm to both myself and our minor children.”

Filner, Goldsmith slated to meet tomorrow

We can throw fundraisers for Filner's legal fees. He has helped a ton of small businesses in this town that I am sure would be willing to help throw fundraisers. money should not be at issue here. he must fight. NTM I bet there are good attorneys out there who will help pro bono. I think you are underestimating San Diegans Don.

Filner is the 1st non-corrupt mayor we have ever had. More and more people will support him as this crumbles.

Filner, Goldsmith slated to meet tomorrow

Randy: You are a PR machine for Irwin Jacobs but I will answer your baited questions:

He needs to be convicted of a felony period.

Yes he needs to be sentenced to jail

No a civil verdict would not be enough...How about Jerry Sanders being guilty of the unlawful firing of Scott Kessler? not a peep from you "reporters" about that. Don was the only journalist on that story.

Yes, we would absolutely wait for appeals to run out.

What do you not understand about due process Randy? i think you need to do some research on the 5th amendment....

Filner, Goldsmith slated to meet tomorrow

Don, do you know if he will be flanked by his attorneys? Please tell me he will not ever meet w/ these people alone ever ever. He should take them to the rally and have the meeting there. they can make their offers there. But I say bob ditches these scumbags.


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