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People Will Tell You That You're Late and You'll Hate Them for It

I think delivering mail in a city like San Diego is easy in comparison to doing that somewhere that has actual seasons with 3 month long winters

Lesson Learned from a DUI

Sad choice for a DUI story...get a real story, one where BAC is at least .25 and the car and its passengers get spun out of control as the car leans out its lane and into an embankment and the passengers fly out and their bodies are scattered across the ditch....and the driver gets Involuntary Manslaughter and ends up in State Prison for a few years, where his celly...Bubba loves to spoon and cuddle to sleep. Now that's a story.

NY Times Questions For-Profit Colleges' Exploitation of Veterans. Bridgepoint Criticized

"Enrollment advisers" aka bloated salesmen are nothing but that. They don't care about any individual student nor their interests. They only care about their monthly sales quotas. In addition, a lot of these 'enrollment advisers' are lacking in College education themselves. They have no experience attending a real College on a real campus to understand the dynamic and the importance of a classroom setting as opposed to a virtual class.

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