Comments by electric_fish

A Time to Duck Dive

Originally from Georgia? figures, another out of state guy clogging the line up. Stick to Tourmaline.

Large Loud Parties Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood

blah blah, ban.

here is the way you get the police to respond to noise. Call from several numbers (home, cell, friends cell, neighbors phone). If they receive 3 or more calls then it becomes a priority.

Why Plummeting Dollar Hurts You

It amazes me that our government will bail out inept companies that don't know how to do business but in the same turn will layoff teachers and neglect basic needs of the society (roads, schools etc.).

Follow the money

The attacks on public education continue unchecked.


OH my GOD they go out of the frickin city! Good for you! Now keep that exploring bug alive.


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