Comments by cabber69

Try, Try Again?

Spliff, I knew you were a junkie loser. Go somewhere else please. I hear Baltimore is nice.

Seen a Dream Walking

Only a complete, slobbering idiot like Spliff calls California "Cali." How long has it been since you moved here from the midwest gangsta? Big tough guy.

A Static Charge

Spliff and Nirpal, F off and die! Nice grammar Spliff. I have read post by post from you and only when you talk about the "gangsta" Raiders do you lower your self to such BS street "ebonics." You big time thug, you. Oh no, don't pull your gat out on me. You are the same guy that makes my dinner aren't you? And Nirpal, you probably serve it to me with a smile on your face so I will leave your menial, uneducated ass a 20% tip. You can take your Raiders, Niners, and Lakers, and shove them all up your ample, rotund asses. We will get a stadium built, and you will continue to lose to us for the next 20 years. GO CHARGERS!

Amtrak Management Train Wreck

"Native San Diegan... big time douchebag!" Cece, you suck. You probably like the Dodgers, Giants, and Raiders too. Why in the hell would you be a Sox fan? Were you born in Boston? Did your uncle played for Pawtucket? You are a disgrace to San Diego, you front-running bunghole! You have been stripped of your title of "Native San Diegan." GO PADRES!!!!!!

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