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National City students least fit out of 42 school systems in San Diego County

Part of the issue here is not only the quality/affordability/availability of food choices in these areas of childhood obesity is the fact that Physical Education, Sports opportunities and Outside Activities are limited in these neighborhoods.
Our society and communities have moved away from sports and activities for everyone to a Pay to Play society. This is evidenced on the Soccer Fields and Baseball Diamonds, where to succeed you need to play year-round with paid Coaches, or on Travel Teams.

Our communities also have the "Fear" factor for our kids which is perpetuated by the type and frequency of our news reports, scaring parents to having their kids outside without them there, even in a group setting, leading to the sedentary computer games lifestyle.

How does a society overcome these things, you ask, this is where Mentorship, Activities and community involvement become vital. There are many little known programs available which if we were to actively join them up in a "United Way" Style funding and cooperative messaging could be an answer to these issues. San Diego Velodrome (Bicycle Track) in Morley Field, participates in a few Youth Programs which are free to any Youth in the county, Velo-Youth which is school based and Youth Development classes. Look them up at and BBQ

SoccerCity backers go off the charts, both ways

Monaghan, Boy you've not only tried the koolaid but have all but offered to sell it like snake oil. When is this community going to wake up to the scams of the 1% on the rest of us. We are being asked to "Give" a Public Asset (Mission Valley Property) substantially undervalued, for the "possibility" of a MLS Team! What a scam, with all of the money already "Invested" in petition drives, "Professional" endorsements "Landon Donovan" and as stated in this article lining City politicians pockets, there is something smelling pretty fishy. I would love to see the overall business plan for FS Investors, I would bet the value of the MLS Franchise and the other big "Incentive" the river park is peanuts verses the overall gross value FS will net.
Let's (The Citizens) be frugal, looking towards the long term best uses for the land and the community as a whole. Keep some land for the future, maybe expand SDSU, we gave UCSD a lot of acreage in the 60's and 70's, see what has happened up there! Perhaps a worthwhile stadium rather than a "Carson, Stub Hub Center" smaller than a few full size Arenas! Hey maybe even space for Industry incubation or the arts, we already have housing and Public Transit in the area. My point is why not look at the big picture and share the potential bounty of redeveloping the 166 acres amongst more "Local" Investors rather than putting everything into one "FS's" basket. BBQ

SoccerCity's open special influence money frenzy

Why are the city council and the developers acting like children with a quarter at the candy store? The money (In this case a major undeveloped/redevelopable parcel of land in Mission Valley) burning a hole in their pockets. Being pushed to a artificial deadline set by business entities, MLS and FC Partners (?), for a lifetime project on an irreplaceable piece of Community Property just sets us up for the same situation we have with Petco Park, Qualcom Stadium (The Murph), the Chargers and any number of poorly planned developments in the city and county, many right there in Mission Valley.
We as San Diegans seem to have an all or nothing attitude about development. FC Partners (?) are not proposing "Soccer City" out of the generousness of their Hearts, they're going to make a S--T load of money off of the largess of the citizens of the City, County and Region.

If "Soccer City" is such a worthwhile endeavor, it would stand up to proper vetting, planning and schedule. If a MLS Soccer Franchise is such a good investment the partners would buy the land and build their own facility, not have it part of a scheme to scam the public, "We'll develop this if you give us that, oh, by the way we still control the Team, Land and get the profits.

While I am in favor of utilizing the Mission Valley site, there are much better "Public" and "Community" uses than this single use facility and gifting the rest of the site to FC Partners. The City Council should take a long look at future uses of the site with the benefit to the community (99%ers) in mind, not the 1% that wish to eat from the community trough. BBQ

Swimming in Copley cash

Mike Murphy, Looking at the net worth of $91 Million, with a gain of $20 Million in two years along with disbursements of $2.5 Million annually, $315,000 plus benefits for salaries seems reasonable to me. The few charities receiving are also diverse enough that I doubt there is much "inside" donations. I do however struggle with Board Members receiving compensation from a Philanthropic Foundation, but this one, all in all, looks reasonable. BBQ

NFL owners approve Raiders move to Vegas

Having been up to StubHub Center over the last couple of months to Coach at the LA Velodrome, there is not a single bit of Chargers signage or indication of their plans to play there. I find this amusing after all that the Spanos clan did down here. Certainly not a great business model, I expect the "Chargers BIG Adventure" will become a case study of how not to manage a Sports franchise in Business School. BBQ

City Heights planners displeased with bikeway plans

Pjamason2, The issue is safety and access, I'm not an advocate of us vs. them which this boils down to more often than not. If a reasonable alternative exists or could be made to exist it should be reviewed. As for access to El Cajon Blvd there are cross streets every couple of hundred meters. If you can read a street sign you know what block you are on and can access your location/destination. I favor cycling as a transportation source but not if it makes the cyclist a target which makes many of these proposed routes less tangible in the eyes of the non-cycling/commuting public. If a proposed route is already congested with many stop signals and cross traffic how does making it worse benefit the cycling community? I would personally rather see Orange and Howard become "Traffic calmed" 30 mph through streets with minimal stop signals, so a nice steady cycling commute could be achieved, just a thought. Sorry about your lack of compassion and cooperation with the rest of the community. BBQ

City Heights planners displeased with bikeway plans

Back in the day, how I've wondered when I would be able to use that, in the late 1970s I lived in North Park. As an Olympic hopeful, anytime I went out on a training ride to the east we always used Howard/Orange, El Cajon Blvd. was avoided at all costs, as were University and Washington in Hillcrest. The issue here is the bike routes do not and should not be located on the principle business routes through a community. I do agree that sections of town do require the traffic calming, specific markings such as sections of the coast highway due to limited alternative routes and the scenic aspects, but when reasonable alternatives such as Howard/Orange in this case and Robinson in Hillcrest they should become the principle cycling routes. Perhaps we allow some minor zoning changes that would allow cycling and pedestrian friendly businesses to relocate, a coffee kiosk or Bike repair? To the businesses and motorists work with the cycling community and vice versa. Great communities only get there through compassion and cooperation. BBQ

Irwin Jacobs' 50-year-old son, Jeff, pops question to 29-year-old La Jolla fashionista

I can see the skit on SNL, "The Californians, San Diego er La Jolla," Plot line ... After bitter struggle with citizens about Parking Lot, two brothers divorce rather civilly and one said brother wines and dines Juice Princess in Big Sur, along the way eating at all their "faves" with a trip down the 101 to Santa Barbara. For an 80's vibe, "Gag me with a spoon", Matt your Titles and stories rarely relate and this story is a muddled mess. BBQ

"Cowboy" cop blamed for Olango killing

Ponzi, No racist innuendo meant, AlexClarke's implication weather backed up or not, does smack of exactly where I was going with the rest of my comment. The realities of the people of the United States are badly skewed. Way too much assumption and preconception based on superficial differences. My son wrote a opinion piece for the Ball State Daily about this, pertaining to Colin Kaepernack, Just want people to think beyond themselves, its one way to start to fix these issues.BBQ

"Cowboy" cop blamed for Olango killing

Ponzi and AlexClarke, Your last two comments were uncalled for, they just show your contempt for the victim of a tragic situation. Weather we believe in the actions of the Police Officer or the actions of Mr. Olango wanting to commit suicide by police officer there is a lot of grey area in this situation. While the activities of the family and the Lawyers, to find blame and fault may seem to be vindictive, it is their right to follow up using the criminal and civil laws of this country. We definitely have an issue in the United States of America where we, the people are not United... We have been divided from the actions of our forefathers and history that differentiates us based on physical differences. We are currently going through a troubling period where everyone is being very reactionary to issues never properly addressed since the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 1960s. I have been alive long enough to see the original along with the new rifts caused by inequities in living conditions, wealth, education and employment. Before you call me out as a Liberal, I consider myself a moderate conservative and want to see a better world and community for us all. I wish I had a one step answer to the issues but I do not, all I know is a little compassion and empathy goes a long way. BBQ


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