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Hotter water for San Diego's fire department

dwbat, I have had the same discussion with my 24 year old son, "Hate Speech" is a crime but different opinions and open dialog are the only way to "solve" the differences. Neither extreme will ever back down however those hovering in the middle need to have the opportunity to hear the irrational arguments of the extremes. By not allowing the "Haters" to speak and obviate the weaknesses in their arguments we allow speculation and can be targeted as the suppressor. Yes words can hurt, but ideology can kill, dialog like it or not is the only way to move ahead. BBQ

Hotter water for San Diego's fire department

AlexClark, Fire Departments are not the "Last bastion" there are plenty of other GOBCs in the world and a lot of them aren't only "Boys". We have many groups that have singled themselves out as being "Correct" or "exclusive" weather on the Left, Right, Color, Orientation or Religion we keep harnessing ourselves with a lack of empathy, understanding and compassion for freedom. Discrimination including limiting of expression of ideas that may not appeal to us limits us as a nation. In Berkley of all places, we see the Left formerly Pro-free speech now actively protesting anyone's opinion that offends them. Open dialog is the only thing that leads to diplomatic solution to an issue and is the basis of the Democracy that is the United States of America. It is truly that the Twitter, Facebook generation including the President does not realize the internet algorisms censors the information they receive, sending only opinions that match what they have already looked for. Without peaceful uncensored communication nothing can be solved only enraged. BBQ

Trump says NFL too worried about players' safety

Having been a gold medal winning athlete and having our national anthem played for me in a foreign country as tribute to great performances and the history our Anthem represents, I do not take the Anthem lightly. It is an honor to have that bestowed on you as it is an honor to stand one step down and honor someone from a different country get their reward respecting their country's anthem. However in this case I stand /kneel with our current Athletes (Over-Paid/Elitist or not). As I near 60 years old, I still learn everyday and my latest learnings are all that is evident may not be true. Weather it was about my grandfather the Police Commissioner of Detroit in the 1960s (who ordered the Police dept not to shoot looters "I'll be damned if we will murder someone for robbery") or the still messed up discrimination and race relations in this country, I am proud to align with my fellow athletes and my family in looking for ways to better our country and society. To all that criticize using the only platform these athletes have, look at Charlotte and the platform the far-right used, at least no one has been killed due to the NFL Athletes. To all beware the internet where the algorisms only send you what you normally look up, you are missing the other side of the story! BBQ

Hotter water for San Diego's fire department

Funny/sad this is the same story of a good friend of mine in 1988. My friend "M" had completed a BS degree in Public Health from SDSU, a competitive athlete and as fit as most men, had the same experience with the SD Fire Department. After being injured during training she rehabbed and returned to the same attitude, "You'll never complete training or be a Firefighter". The truly sad part is we will never know what "she" might have brought to the SDFD with wisdom, diversity, education and compassion. I will say I have other female friends that did become firefighters and had good careers, however, weather it is discrimination due to sex, orientation, race or religion it is still discrimination. All discrimination is wrong and usually defended by narrow minded, non-diverse, poorly educated and uninformed people, our current president included. BBQ

Short-term rentals thrive in East Village

First realize we have a housing crisis in this area, housing costs and rents are outrageous, if based on income vs. expenses we rival New York and or Vancouver. Which brings me to the conversations I had over the weekend , one couple that live in Brooklyn at times between roommates airbnb'd an extra room, this allowed them to start their own business and stay where they wanted to live. When the airbnb host lives onsite it is very different than an absentee host. The second couple owned a Condo in Vancouver as a vacation site, visiting a few weeks a year, well Vancouver added a tax for absentee residents of $10000/ year and they decided to sell and use other accommodations next time they visit, freeing up a condo for a full time resident since Vancouver has the same issues with housing we have. Maybe its time to look at alternatives outside the simple boxes our elected officials and NIMBYs seem stuck in. BBQ

College Area excluded from granny-flat permitting?

Just Wondering, there is no intended segregation just the urban conceptualist concept of the self-contained living area, also known in the past as "Towns" (or North Park). They keep telling us the younger folks are shunning the automobile. BBQ

College Area excluded from granny-flat permitting?

I am just wondering, if the urban planners are correct, aren't students supposed to be giving up their cars for the urban mass transit lifestyle? Aren't the planners looking at higher density with less parking along the northern extension of the Trolley line along Morena Blvd? Aren't we supposed to be living in self contained neighborhoods (Work, Live, Play)? Which I suppose the College district is an example. To the city council and others beware of unintended circumstances and tread with caution on your predictions. BBQ

Where will future Chula Vistans go to school?

So 4 - 5 years ago I attended many Sweetwater Union High School District Meetings with intent to get rid of the superintendents,(Successfully), there was a very large amount of available dollars in the Mello-Roos budget, this money was used as a very low cost loan pool. I suspect we still have around $108 Million in this account, not to mention any additional added since the recent building boom restarted. This money was held at a cost of 3 - 8% from previous bond issues, but was "Bridge Loaned" to the district for 0.125% ish. The stated reason for holding this money and not paying down the bonds was the next school will be built with CASH!!!! I guess the time is now so why the issue? ALSO hasn't land been designated for a South Bay University Campus off of Hunte Parkway? One would think an integrated multiuse facility of a High School and University would be complimentary. BBQ

Koch brothers to fund San Diego paramedic takeover

Once again we are all about to be had by the 1%ers, as the Koch Brothers pull an SDG&E on our rate payers a.k.a citizens. After receiving a bill from AMR for $2850 which included the base run $2500, Mileage, Linen and a night run fee for a 3 mile run to the hospital all of this after the Chula Vista Fire Paramedic did all of the triage and initial first aid, I gotta ask what's the profit margin in privatized ambulances? I am currently awaiting to see what, if anything my insurance is going to pay and what their pre-negotiated rate really is. As a citizen and consumer of these services do our elected city officials know how offensive and oppressive these rates are? I would assume Mr. McCann in CV would know after his use of the service a couple of years ago. I do not see any value to the consumer, you and me, if the Koch's see AMR as a good asset, maybe to help pay for their helicopters at Air Medical Group, maybe one or two are not ambulances? BBQ

National City students least fit out of 42 school systems in San Diego County

Part of the issue here is not only the quality/affordability/availability of food choices in these areas of childhood obesity is the fact that Physical Education, Sports opportunities and Outside Activities are limited in these neighborhoods.
Our society and communities have moved away from sports and activities for everyone to a Pay to Play society. This is evidenced on the Soccer Fields and Baseball Diamonds, where to succeed you need to play year-round with paid Coaches, or on Travel Teams.

Our communities also have the "Fear" factor for our kids which is perpetuated by the type and frequency of our news reports, scaring parents to having their kids outside without them there, even in a group setting, leading to the sedentary computer games lifestyle.

How does a society overcome these things, you ask, this is where Mentorship, Activities and community involvement become vital. There are many little known programs available which if we were to actively join them up in a "United Way" Style funding and cooperative messaging could be an answer to these issues. San Diego Velodrome (Bicycle Track) in Morley Field, participates in a few Youth Programs which are free to any Youth in the county, Velo-Youth which is school based and Youth Development classes. Look them up at and BBQ


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