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There Is No Black San Diego

I want to first off by saying thank you for your caring heart and tough love you are spreading in San Diego. I work at a non-profit bookstore in East Village and have also been interviewed by the San Diego reader. I'm aware that they can and do mislead readers. During the Trans-Atlantic slave trade alot of Africans lost their name, children, family, spirituality, self-respect, identity and soul. Many African Americans are now waking up and picking up the pieces of their identity. I also believe that the government is still enslaving African American men, women, and child mentally and physically. In school they teach the children white washed curriculum. Did you know the original statue of liberty design was a African American, or that George Washington was the 8th president and that the first one was a African American named John Hanson. However, the pictures may NOW be lighten up to portray a white man. And the highly profitable prison business. I am 100% down for helping hand in hand with the African American community and agree that we have to stop talking and take action. Anyone reading this and want to know more about African American lost legacy watch Hidden Colors 1 &2 to start with. There are also many books and other movies that are not in the movie theater that reveal the past and present government propaganda. ****African American keep an eye on where you spend your money. We need to support African American businesses. Oh yeah love your natural hair it’s what God blessed you with.

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