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Cultural Language

Agreed. I think when you're a traveler, you yourself feel as if you don't have any burdens or anything holding you down. This kind of freedom gives you more confidence in meeting people in a foreign country, and everyone finds a foreigner interesting. Once that foreigner becomes a resident, though, after a while they really do get annoying. Just a matter of treating people right I believe. Some day.

Balboa Park shuts down main part of park to the public for private philanthropist Gala

Balboa Park was my first love of San Diego when I moved here a month ago. I remember one week I spent just about every day in the park, exploring every corner and breathing in the rich history. It was a few days after that week that I found out that a private owner will be taking control of part of the park, and it's the city that approved of it.

But when I was reading the report, it wasn't the officials of the city that decided to hand it over. Rather it was given into a vote, just how everything else is, and it just happened that the vote turned into the favor for the private owners. Once that the news hit the media, everyone started flipping out. Didn't everyone had a voice into this matter, though? Isn't the normal civilian capable of protecting their gorgeous park?

It breaks my heart to know that my favorite place in San Diego might be going through some drastic changes, but we have to understand that as citizens, we have the power to stand against it as well. If we don't want the park to change, then we can fight it. There's nothing that says we can't.

Tales of an Insomniac: The First Night in San Diego

Thank you for reading, and I'm hoping to not be a one hit wonder after seeing how The Reader's community works. It's like a workshop for bloggers and writers and I'll hope to take full advantage of everyone's insights. Thank you for the feedback nan :)

Tales of an Insomniac: The First Night in San Diego

There's not much I can do when it comes to people's opinions. I know my personality and writing can come off strong some times but I know who I am and I don't really have to step onto people's shoes when they are discussing about me. If anything, everyone's opinions will just show how I need to change up some of my structure to fit into this community's liking!

Tales of an Insomniac: The First Night in San Diego

I'll change it promptly, and thank you for the editing advice, I'll definitely make use of this while posting on a public blog :)

Tales of an Insomniac: The First Night in San Diego

Appreciate the feedback everyone, got a lot of mixed feelings about this story and I'm not gonna argue about anything. I wrote this story as a blog post for my friends back home in Vegas who are all interested in the progression of my new life out here in San Diego. I picked up The Reader a while back and wanted to contribute some of my new stories to it, so I decided to post the story I wrote onto here. However, the story that you are reading on this website is very censored as compared to my real post. I couldn't keep the constant F-bombs that was common in the original story.

I guess since everyone is curious as to if this is fiction or not, I will state that it is non-fiction, but I had to over exaggerate a lot of the situations for the sake of story telling. In a sense, a lot of this is written in a kind of nostalgic state of mind, and I only appreciate if the story is written with an open mind and some understanding. I'm not gonna take the time to argue anyone's point of view for my story and my experience, I just need to apologize if I did come out as prejudice and racist, because that was certainly not my intention at all. Being of Iraqi decent, I have gone through my fair share of prejudice, and it would not be fair for me to even treat people the same way. I only wrote the things I did for the sake of the story.

Once again I appreciate everyone's feedback!

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