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Did Manuel Paul illegally burn San Ysidro School District papers?

Let me say, first, that I have known Manuel Paul for more than 20 years. He did everything for the San Ysidro School District in 33 years of service as a teacher, vice principal, principal at two schools, and selected among an field of candidates, as Superintendent. He restored the SYSD to quality after previous Superintendents were totally ineffective. Granted, he made a mistake in trying to help out in political campaign and took 2500 bucks to go to TJ and buy signs (they are really cheaper in TJ!). OUCH! Perhaps not the best decision, but not felonious. I'm just sad that the best hope for the SYSD may now be destroyed.

San Ysidrans object to aspects of proposed border design

This project is a work in progress. We (the San Ysidro Community Planning Group) are working with the GSA as they make improvements to the world's busiest border crossing., As well, we need to include the Mexican Government for their needs at this border. They have completed their side. Our Community Planning Group conducts monthly meetings for the updating of the Community Plan, last adopted in 1990. There will be changes. Our San Ysidro Community Planning Group is the officially recognized community group by the City Council of San Diego, since 1967. The proposals are all preliminary, and we will look at adjustments to insure that the land uses improve the experience for visitors and for the residents and insure the viability and improvement of the businesses in the San Ysidro Community.


by Ysidro1

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