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Sweetwater school district backs off on Alliant International University plan

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Sweetwater school district backs off on Alliant International University plan

AD is expected to be at CPM at 9:00 am but you will want to arrive early since parking should be bad especially with media and expected protesters. Don’t expect milk and cookies unless Brand is paying because Bleisch doesn’t have any ASB monies left.

Sweetwater school district backs off on Alliant International University plan

“Robert Bleisch [principal of Castle Park Middle] will work with the advocates to do home visits or phone contacts.”

These advocates are hired under the Promise Neighborhood grant. In reality these advocates were hired to work with students and families in an effort to serve the underserved. Yet, Robert Bleisch had them calling to promote Alliant who charges almost $700 a unit? I wonder if the president of South Bay Community Services is aware of Robert Bleisch’s misuse of grant funds.

Chula Vista school hurries to get ready for Arne Duncan

steviejanowsi you must be a Bleisch's dawg? Do you have a Bleisch dawg shirt too? It's okay if you don't. Mr.Bleisch will buy you one with ASB funds and I'm sure he will have no problem getting his kids to approve it. Do ya read me?

Chula Vista school hurries to get ready for Arne Duncan


This is the beauty of blogs everyone has an opportunity to respond. I used your post as a platform to exercise my opinion. I agree that an inspirational environment is necessary. However, do not try to excuse Robert Bleisch’s spending habits. Were these banners necessary? No. Could this money have been used for something else? Yes of course. Also, you say that these improvements have been in the works for the past year, dramatic changes have only happened recently. The biggest being the red windows, which look terrible. I would like you to think of the last time you entered a room where the windows were painted over, it just seems like an odd decision. You may have a different perspective if you were able to see what was purchased over the course of the last few months. There is controversy surrounding this money for a reason. Although, Arne Duncan’s visit was scheduled only 6 weeks ago you don’t think Robert Bleisch knew he was already coming? Robert Bleisch is always looking for a photo op. He continues to portray himself as the knight in shining armor. For not knowing him or being an expert on him you sure do defend him. You also talk about results in your original posting. Can you show them to me? because I don’t see them. Robert Bleisch must have shown you his data. Its manipulated and false. To get a clearer picture look at district released scores.The school’s results have been about the same. Mr. Bleisch is just spending more money for the SAME results. I would also like to mention that Bleisch has also pushed out many teachers. Trust me Mr. Bleisch will get his photo op or his 15 min. of fame, but it wont be in a postive light. These money allegations are not coming from nowhere and they are not going away. When you have a sordid past it is easy to dig up dirt. It is also easy for a person to fall into their old ways. Bad habits die hard! But since you really don’t know him that well it shouldn’t really matter right?

Chula Vista school hurries to get ready for Arne Duncan

DJensen, You mention banners and paint to build an “uplifting and inspiring” atmosphere but I would like to ask how uplifting and inspiring it is to be called a “Bleisch Dawg?” Yes, he refers to students as “Dawgs.” It has been my experience that the slang “Dawg” was never used in college or any other educational setting for that matter. Before you have an excuse, denial, or reason why he uses this term remember he has T-shirts that students wear with this slogan. What good does a college banner do when you are wearing a demeaning phrase on your back? The last time I heard the term “Dawg” was in the same sentence in which I heard the term “homies.” That doesn’t sound like a good way to get student’s prepared for college. Let’s not forget who inspires students every day it is a teacher, even when a leader is not up to par.

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