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El Cajon Blvd. revamp ramps up

It's about time this area this depressing area became developed with housing. It's in a perfect location for public transportation, stores and entertainment. Hallelujah El Cajon Blvd. your time has arrived!

Hillcrest Wienerschnitzel kaput

The old place was a dog. Perhaps, the new owners will ketchup with the times and offer something the neighborhood will relish.

Mission Hills/Hillcrest Library project may start this year

Another excellent Reader article that will now probably be mixed up by the bigger media outlets. "Bureaucratic bottleneck" is putting it mildly. It's amazing that the city is supposedly so bogged down that important civic projects like a new library are on the way-way-way back burner while stadiums and other luxury projects move ahead on the list of priorities.

Party's over, go to sleep

A mattress business is better than another overpriced club. So many stores have opened in Hillcrest that sold huge, overstuffed furniture and failed. Hopefully, the mattress store will do better and be an asset to the neighborhood.

"Stunning" fast-food experience promised

This will certainly be an improvement to the neighborhood and I'm not a big coffee drinker. Kudos to the Reader for leading on these neighborhood stories. There really isn't any other as timely of source for these local developments.

Check 'n Go checks out of North Park

Unfortunately for some, these types of loans become a viscous cycle of debt. They really should only be used in an emergency, with the debt paid off as soon as possible. Credit unions may offer some help with signature loans. They also offer share-secured loans, both options offer much lower rates to their members.

From thrift to spiff in Hillcrest

Thrift Trader never seemed quite right for the neighborhood. Hopefully, the retail tenants will offer stylish, affordable products scaled to the demographics of the neighborhood. Furniture stores with large scale credenzas, giant headboards and overstuffed furniture are more appropriate for the burbs. Same goes for the clothing, overpriced Speedos and clothes only a 22 year old with questionable taste would buy are automatic fails.

Longtime sex-toy shop shuts down in Hillcrest

I wonder if this type of business is on its' way out with so much available on the Internet and television. Or, maybe for this business it was the location and ever increasing rents.

Destruction continues before the groundbreaking

These abandoned buildings are the scourge of the neighborhoods. They attract problems, affect property values, lower the quality of the neighborhoods, and possibly result in some serious injury to the local residents and the people breaking into the buildings. I don't understand why the city council members aren't more responsive.

Hopefully, the Reader's reporters will stay on top of this problem and keep a fire (no pun intended) under the toes of our elected officials and developers.


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