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FM 94/9 Out of the Sahara

LMAO on "Sages" Bible matter what side of the "debate" you are on... you gotta admit that was some pretty funny stuff!

Rack 'Em

Such an irresponsible follow up by Jay Allen: according to a security guard. "It was one guy [he’s unclear whether a band member or roadie]" Caused that scene 11 years ago. So no one is sure who did this, but the band is held responsible? If there was an arrest, wouldn't there be a name on a police record to trace? Why can't Jay do a little more investigating and confirm who the arrested person really was instead of just blaming a band who clearly got ripped of by an unscrupulous promoter in 2009 instead of bringing up some lame old uncomfirmed story from 1998?


Another pompous rock star jerk! But I don't know why anyone would expect anything different... Tool has been crapping on their fans for years...

Hey Maynard... those people aren't standing in line for your crappy wine... so own up to it.. or go back to Arizona where you belong..

Those people should remember that kind of treatment the next time a Tool (or lame side project from Maynard)CD comes out..DON'T BUY IT!

X’ed Out

The talent on 91X now is a direct reflection of their pay... the jocks all work for next to nothing....and they ALL sound like it now... You get what you pay for..and if you pay little to nothing, you get little to no talent.

Manson's Minions

Why are reading about the Emergencia rip off on a comment? Why isn't this a Blurt or a regular story? It looks like the Reader's readers are digging deeper than the writers....

Robert Mizrachi responds: Easy on us, Mr. Cola, this lil snafu comes along because we recently posted all our Blurt stories individually (Blurt had been a superchunk of stories). The person whose post you responded to read the Emergenza story. It's here: Sorry for the fup (I hereby coin that slang).

You're Fired! (thanks for the ratings)

If all those radio ratings are correct for 91X, then Phil Manning will either look like a genious for cutting costs if the ratings stay the same (or get better), or he will look like a total loser if the ratings go down. It's a ballsy move for Phil, because if the ratings nosedive over the next couple of months- he should absolutely (and probably will) be fired....

Dmonstrably Neglected

Sharon ruined OzFest last year with her "free tickets from sponsors to see Ozzie and a bunch of nobodys"... I don't think she's the one..

Dmonstrably Neglected

It's hard to find Blurt with this new lay out... can you put a click through on the front page to make it easier?

In regards to Street Scene: I agree it was over as a special event when it left downtown. My question is.. if Live Nation can't pull it off successfully, will AEG (also mentioned in this week's Blurt), who has the most successful festival around with Coachella be the next to try it? Aren't they a more suited company to pull off an event that needs a diverse line up and cool location to be special again?

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