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NPR, SDSU, UNICEF, and Doctors Without Borders beat back Encinitas attorney

I would guess the fraud by fortune tellers is a fraction of that swindled by the hocus pocus of dubious churches, and that likely is a fraction of those swindled on the Stock Market. That doesn't mean we should denounce these groups generally.

Brouhaha or foofaraw at San Diego Junior Theatre?

I would focus on the youthful victim/plaintiff, her trauma should be the focus. It's possible that she doesn't want this fight, and might be more traumatized by the bizarre antics of those technically adult on her behalf than she was by the original incident. It would be best if the focus shifted away from her specific case, if she doesn't want this sort of Drama.

In new book, Filner admits his sex addiction, mistakes

This reveals why he didn't fight those ridiculous charges in court, charges that were easily defeated in later civil cases, even after the criminal convictions. He had a history that he didn't want revealed, that had nothing to do with the circus that brought him down. Bill Clinton, Clarence Thomas, and Donald Trump all did worse, but are supported by those that condemned Filner. His real crime was standing in the way of corrupt development, and listening to local concerns.

Diamondbacks haul out league commissioner scam

Mission Valley land grabbing is like pro sports, the players change, but the game remains the same. Now that the Chargers have left, we are told that MLS will play in San Diego, if we build a smaller stadium where fans won't have to look at empty seats. Time was, promoters tried to fill empty seats, now they want them bulldozed. Pay no attention to the 4000 proposed residential units behind the curtain.

Local insurance scam ring brought down

Women don't get caught as often as men, but how much crime they do is a matter for speculation, because successful criminals deceive rather than bludgeon. Crime often goes undetected. The vast majority of stupid crime is perpetrated by men, but that's likely because of men's stupidity, and lack of deception. Women are just better at some things.

Big Fletcher donors behind MLS venue grab

I hope no one believes that this scam has anything to do with improving fans experience attending games. It's stealing parkland for sleazy development, and ripping off the taxpayers for a stadium inferior to the one we have.

Trump treasury pick Mnuchin tied to smelly banking

I know it's foolish to think of Banks generally as US taxpayers, but in fact, when they pay "fees", to government entities, they are taxpayers. No doubt the money will slush back in from the Government, point taken.

U-T's lauding of Bush II presidency might seem stupid

Our military returns to Iraq because we haven't learned from our mistakes, thanks to our deeply flawed world view. that imagines we can impose justice on other peoples. Blaming Bush and his henchmen won't fix that thinking, even though they deserve to be treated as they treated the prisoners in their control. I fear that Hillary Clinton, brilliant though she is, might blunder horribly, might even assist an Israeli invasion of Syria. Bill Clinton's policy led directly to the Iraq disaster. Hillary hasn't changed her thinking.

U-T's lauding of Bush II presidency might seem stupid

The rest are plainly cynical or completely insane. Bush doesn't have the anger that now destroys the Republican Party. He isn't a bigot, even if he is not a thinker. He was a disaster as President, but much of the fault should be shared by the nation as a whole. Those who claim to be deceived believed the impossible. We are ready to repeat our mistakes, because we blame the idiot leader, rather than the flaws in our outlook.

U-T's lauding of Bush II presidency might seem stupid

We can all agree on one point, George W. Bush remains the greatest mind in the Republican Party. The latest primaries remove all doubt.


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