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The Warrior’s Duet: Backstory

I've had the honor and pleasure of meeting Charlene Baldridge - and I've read her poetry, and have had some wonderful conversations - she never let on that she was going through such a time - I know that her storytelling about the subject will be nothing short of what we women call 'crone wisdom' -- hard won and only from a life well-lived and shared with others -- bravo and wow.

Mule Hill: Field Notes

I hope that the Historical Society is gathering and keeping these articles!! Not only so wonderfully descriptive and well written -- but so valuable! To revisit the geographical location and listen to the sounds of yesteryear -- what a great way to open the mind to what happened at Mule Hill -- LOVE these series, thank you!

Bengal Tiger at the Bagdad Zoo, Ion Theatre (Part two)

It IS an amazing play and I KNOW ion and Raygoza are doing it UP -- I'm envious of all you SD play goers!

Shakespeare's R&J at Cygnet Theatre

wonderful concept! and I love Ye's work, so I know it will come together -- great article - gives us the atmosphere --

Mr. TJ does a reading, part two

Have known TJ for sooo long -- what a great guy, wonderful theatre artist and just all around thoughtful human being -- I understand his need to break out and find fresh opportunities. San Diego is wonderful for artists, but it's a small town in a way too -- good for him and good luck to him !

The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabbler at Diversionary

six characters in search of.... still, I do like the premise -- has me curious about what Hedda might have to say to Strindberg -- although she seemed perfectly happy being unhappy in his version of such a story -- kudos to Diversionary for at least a new perspective --

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