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Retail can turn you into a number

I worked at Nordstrom for 7 years! 6 of those years as a Personal Stylist by appt. only based in Women's Collectors and Couture! I think her article was great! Hate to break it to everybody but,it's the truth that many of the managers have huge ego's, are stressed from upper management and instead of training or helping the employees in the department they just ridicule them! Not all managers are like this but,I saw many great people never get the proper training or the chance to shine and it left them down about working in retail commissioned environment! This story could be about Saks,Neimans,Bergdorf or Bloomingdales! The Nordstrom sales people going off should step back and realize this is her story not your story or experiences! I never had these experiences,was extremely successful but,I saw people go through this experience in multiple stores all the time! Nordstrom and all of its competitors look at it like this "What have you done for me?" And anyone who doesn't see that way is blind! If you are a top tier sales person or a mid level sales person or brand new it doesn't matter it's all about that moment! If you had a $6700 return that cost the store it's day you will not get a pat on the back or a smile but,(which it shouldn't be looked at that way since you aren't the only employee with returns that day or selling for that matter!) the next day is day 1 of anniversary sale and you do $77,000 in combined presale (back in the day) and appointments all of a sudden all hale the king! That's retail folks!

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