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Bottom Scratchers with spearguns

I appreciate your perspective, lyndeelogan! I especially like that you point out tales of the hunt are often sensationalized....and lest we all forget, this is a description of several interviews, through the lens of a (possible?) non-diver.

Emergency Care for Kids

It always makes me cringe when so-called 'nurses' suggest some kooky ideas about wounds and wound healing. Rubbing your hands with Betadine is no substitute for washing them. Disposable gloves might be more cost-effective. Save the Betadine for wound cleansing. "We call that 'inconsolable crying'...." You do? and where did you learn that one?

I'm surprised Eve's friend Michael didn't suggest that everyone should be CPR certified. Take an American Heart Association class. You never know, the life you save might be someone you love.

C'mon Reader, if you want to do a 'Public Service BestBuys' story, at least get someone creditable to source your information. That was just plain painful to read!

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