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The cult of the pit

Excellent and intelligent discussion from both of you. Thank you.

Carla and Ed compete at Bistro d'Asia

Would like to confirm it's a great place to go in Coronado, delicious, and that the lunch menu is a great offer..

Partial here to the Pad Thai, which is hearty and with chicken and shrimp; also the Moo Gu Gai Pan which is a lighter meal with sweet pea pods and traditionally delicious chicken.

And then there's the large menu...!

Mariana is very pleasant, isn't she, from Brazil. She does not however have a palm tree as part of her hairdo -- at least on normal days ;)

The restored mural is very nice to appreciate, as many things, at the Coronado Library.

Great to have Carla present in the experience, and for all her talented stories.

Chicano Park Artists Remember Michael Schnorr

This is a very worthwhile article, to add to the recent one also by Bill Manson which gives background on the park itself..

The video interview is very rewarding - both to listen to David Avalos talk about his friend, and to see some of the murals when they are described.

Much better than flashing by via car or bus...

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