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Guitars amble and shimmer, drum tracks roll out like bubbles

I love Covet and everything Yvette Young does!

She is so talented... even in this video from 4 years ago when she was virtually unknown in the math rock community. Nice to see her mentioned in the Reader.

How is this cold sandwich better than a hot one?

I want some now...

Next time I'm in the area I'm definitely getting some. I find that the Midwest makes better sandwiches than California (but there Mexican food is beyond pathetic).

Surprised by vegan tacos in middle of South Park

My girlfriend loves this place and I'm always trying bites. No matter what it is, it is hard to believe it's vegan. The latest bites I had was their milanesa torta... and it tasted just like milanesa.

They are vegan miracle workers. I still prefer meats, but they really do wonders.

Mexico: Keep that s*** out of the Tijuana River

Unfortunately, Tijuana has much bigger problems and they won't be helping much. I just walked by the river and it's full of garbage and sewer and the squatters are back...

Over the weekend there was a leak near my apartment in downtown and the whole street flooded with sewer water. They didn't fix it until early Monday. CESPT keeps suspending water services for many neighborhoods and seems like a mess as a utility service.

Arguably the classiest joint in Tijuana

Mision 19 (same owner as Caesar's) is classier.

There's also Oryx Capital and La Justina.

And you went to Caesar's and no bone marrow...?!


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