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Cosplay in the park

Everyone starts off kind of bad, but the only thing they can do now is IMPROVE!! No one is perfect from the get go. Their cosplay is NOT laughable. NO ONE likes to be laughed!

Cosplay in the park

HERE IS PART 2 (I went over the word count)

From an outsider's view, cosplaying might seem lame and stupid but an insider knows cosplaying is much more than dressing up. This hobby is a costly hobby which you won't make money off of (unless you sell your hand made cosplays). However you do get some things back in return. You're able to find and connect with people from all around the states/world at conventions and you develop skills in money managing, planning, social skills, and possible learn how to sew. It's much more work than it looks. At times it can be a little stressful but the work pays off. I can tell you that the days I look most forward to isn't Christmas or my birthday, but going to anime conventions and cosplaying with my friends.

Oh, and some people even become professional costume designers, photographers, cameramen (for the more dedicated cosplayers) because just from cosplaying, they found something that they are good at and enjoy.

If you read through all of that, then I thank you. I really hope you don't take all the negative comments to heart. I don't expect you to understand why we cosplay but just please try to understand that we cosplayers are upset about this article since it puts us in a bad light and we have pride in what we do.

P.S. (Sorry I have no idea where this should go but...) Always keep in mind that this is a HOBBY!! Cosplaying isn't even a job! Sure some might thing cosplaying could be a job, but then that would be modeling or tailoring. It's not the same thing.

Cosplay in the park

Also made an account for the purpose of commenting on this article. Please don't dismiss this comment as someone trying to tell you that you are wrong and that you are disgracing all cosplayers (you can't disgrace us cosplayers because you have to be a cosplayer to do that Haha! You're just putting out some propaganda). We all have opinions and biases (All news are biased anyway, no stopping the media). Let this be a lesson to you and a critique so that you can learn from this mistake and become a more respecting reporter! :) I'm going to do my best to express my feelings about this article so that maybe you'll be able to understand why there are so many angry comments.

First of all, a huge percentage of your article has completely nothing to do with cosplay. Like how Marina isn't dressed yet (that's EVERYDAY LIFE! We don't need to know all the trivial details!!!). And why on Earth was your car even blocking Mrs. Downer's car in the first place?! Kind of rude blocking people's driveways. I'm not even going to go on with everything else that could have been left out of your article.

"From the tone of Shannon’s written response, it was clear she was not pleased with my request...I had crossed a line...“That is just not how cosplay works.” ...Anime fans dress the way they do because they are passionate about it. Loaning out costumes is not something they do."

I understand you wanted "to be part of the experience" but for cosplaying, you can't just be part of the experience unless you honestly have a love for comics/anime/manga. If you lack in that interest, and try cosplaying, it's completely meaningless. It's like going to an amusement park while either having no interest in the entertainment they provide or disliking rollarcoasters. You're trying to grow a tree without first planting a seed!

Second, let me tell you that this is coming from someone who had similar views as you do (I'm just going to assume you have a negative view on cosplay even though assuming is a terrible thing to do) until I actually started to cosplay and formed a passion for it. When I was still a kid, I used to look down on cosplayers, thinking it was a weird, dumb, and humiliating type of hobby (but I was in love with anime). As I grew older, I started to try to keep an open mind, I gave cosplaying a shot. It blew my mind. It was one of the best things I have ever decided to do. It goes to show that you can't judge something without trying it out first.


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