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Debbie Gerlack said expenditure on a consultant would be duplicating the efforts of counselors

FYI - There will be an LCFF (Local Control Funding Formula) Forum March 7 from 8:15 - 10 am at United States University - 830 Bay Blvd in Chula Vista 91911 where all the superintendents in the South Bay will discuss "Millions of Dollars Coming to School Districts. How Will They Be Used?" There are only 10 more seats available for this free event. RSVP at link text See you there!

The Turks are a charter school near you - REMOVED PER JH

Praise for the school includes: the teachers are young and make $10,000 less than their peers while they volunteer for hours of extra tutoring, clubs, etc. and after school care is free (provided by those same teachers?) That may be great for the parents and children, but not so good for the young teachers who'll probably be fired if they don't comply. And if any of those teachers are parents, too, their own children probably get a tired, less than enthusiastic mom/dad tucking them in at night. To ensure that students "love" school, takes hours of preparation. What they've described is teachers who are overworked and underpaid. Are those teachers unionized? There's a reason unions exist. (Even imperfect unions are better than none at all.) And no, I'm not a union hack. It just jumped out at me that an employer who pays less and requires hours of unpaid work was somehow worthy of praise. That's generally not the case in any other white-collar profession.

Chula Vista's UltraStar theater to close

There will be less options for low-budget South Bay moviegoers in 2014 ...? Vincent, shouldn't that be: There will be fewer options ...?

South Bay schools defendants get day in court

If the video in question is the School Board Meeting video from Otay Ranch KORtv, you can find it on Vimeo:

Anti-war protesters visit Juan Vargas’s Chula Vista office

I don't have the answers, but I have a lot of questions. What do Syrian's want? What will happen if there is a vacuum of power in Syria? And what do we do about the other countries who have used chemical warfare? What do we do about the US's and Israel's use of white phosphorus???? Read up on Fallujah and you'll see other horrific and sad pictures of babies.

Thank you Susan for giving us a space to discuss this important topic.

Sweetwater school district backs off on Alliant International University plan

Trojan 80 - I'd say she knew: read an excerpt from a previous article by Susan Luzzaro: In an August 6 interview, Kathryn Lembo, CEO of South Bay Community Services, said Promise Neighborhood was not recruiting for Alliant. She said the grant, which was modeled on the Harlem Children’s Zone, is intended to foster education from “cradle to career.” She said academic advocates from the program contacted families in the catchment areas, which includes some Sweetwater schools, to advise them of post-secondary opportunities and to help them with financial barriers.

She said, “We were not doing outreach [for Alliant]; we just got all the new information on Alliant in July…it was an opportunity for an early college program free to the students. We wanted to let people know that Hilltop High School and Olympian High School were going to provide general education courses that were free and the fall classes start August 26. Lembo also said, “We only called houses where children who were 12th- or l1th-graders lived.”

(Sounds to me like double speak)

Read more:

National City Planning Commission prodded to decide on making space for Alliant Int'l University

The free adult school programs are good for the social fabric and are GREAT for the economy. Adult schools teach classes that have South Western College equivalents - so they earn college credit. Students taking these classes are on a career path. Check them out:

There are some 30 classes including Computers (basics, CISCO, A+ ...), Automotive Services, Accounting, Child Development, Culinary Arts, Floral Design, Medical Terminology, and many more. That's what the National City Chamber of Commerce should be championing!

Sweetwater superintendent Ed Brand’s Alliant project hits snag

Meow!!! Those are not rosy colored glasses your cute kitty is wearing - are they? Greetings from uncle Rascal Jr.

Sweetwater superintendent Ed Brand’s Alliant project hits snag

Ask Jerry Rindone. I'm told he brokered the deal with the stipulation that the property would only be used for Adult Ed.


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