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The Frustrated Hobbyist

C Driscoll might be the hardest workin' man in show business.

What a great read this was. And yeah, his emails. He's sent me long ones about a variety of subjects. Always fun to read (aside from the time he forwarded a story I did on Al Kooper, to Al Kooper! Nothing like a "letter to the editor" from a legendary musician like that!)

Drawing Guns at High Noon (or at half time of an NBA game)

Wow, Al Sharpton actually said something I agree with regarding this whole situation.

Anyway, the NBA suspended Gilbert Arenas indefinately. I'm guessing the players union will get involved, and it will only be a one year suspension (although, I heard that each game he's missing, is costing him $147,000). If ever there's a reason to start the debate about athletes making too much money!

Top 10 Movies of 2009

It Might Get Loud was great. Nothing like watching Jack White and Jimmy Page jam on an underrated Zeppelin tune (I can take or leave the Edge). Why wouldn't he take off that ski cap???

Car Radio Control

Well, Verol, the suspense is killing us. Which song is it that's the 2nd or 3rd?

And, although I don't own an ipod, that's one of the things that seems weird to me. If you load it with thousands of songs...well, there are songs out there that are great. I liked that Plain White Ts song...but only for about two days (and got sick of 91X and 94/9 playing it every hour!).

I'd always be eliminated songs. And, bands I love...I can just stick in the CD, maybe skip by Ob La Di, Ob La Da, and life is good.

New Law Bans Trans Fat

So Pistol, using that logic...should 7-11 be able to sell heroin, along with alcohol and cigarrettes? After all, it would be only "dumb Americans" that would be choosing to buy it.

Out Of Order Update: 1959 Apache... sidetracked!

I dig the truck.

I like the older Fords slightly more.

Can't wait to see it all cherried out.

What's Worse -- The Dentist or Rachel Ray?

I don't mind her, actually. I just don't cook, so I don't watch the show.

She seems like a doll, when I've seen her on the late night shows being interviewed.

Steel Magnolias

Shirley was great in Defending Your Life. What a great film that was. Albert Brooks various facial expressions alone.


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