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Butt out, Clairemont, says Linda Vista

yep, stabbed in the back again! No help for the local low-income to get safe, good #AffordableHousingSD to #EndHomlessness SD or for making sure good paying jobs are coming to the community, with further expansion of community gardens to grow their own! No they want all the sub communities to be lumped together, take their tax base and give it the wealthy & powerful, like they are now doing to Mission Valley, & our whole City, via the Qualcomm Stadium give-away! Include SAN DIEGO chargers park in that too! Instead of fixing the homeless problems RIGHT NOW, by using the "Q" as a transition Emergency Shelter, the rebuff the idea! And they don't mention that they've already gotten $12M from the LA Chargers for leaving the site(s)! There are jobs, transit, open space, beautiful river area, Public Library, Trolley, shopping, dining, buses, biking lanes, and tons of parking for homeless in vehicles there! While the homeless gather in the outer parts of the HUGE parking lot: 160 acres! the "Q" could still be used! They could have some temporary "Tiny Villages" set-up by www.Amikas.Org , SafeZones ( [email protected] ) see @WalkwithhimFcbk {twitter profile for link} and some public school like trailers for signing people up for programs, healthcare/mental eval. clinics, and just relax out of cold & heat places. It is not easy being homeless, but having port-a-potties to pee & pooh at, places to find out about programs available to help, community, advisory and advocacy can make life not only livable, but worthwhile. So who do you want to die today?! How about your poor neighbor? Neighborhoods & communities need planning groups to get the best for their specific area...not a regional thing. Because look what regional did to the Chargers, look at what it is doing to the homeless Vet.s, their medical problems too, and the more than 10,000 homeless around the County. And what about the Affordable Housing, where is all that? And the GOOD paying jobs?, with benefit?. Tell me directly when you hear of one of those! [email protected] , UNTIL THEN LEAVE OUR COMMUNITY PLANNING AND COMMUNITY PLANS TO US; the community and not some "knock-off" bureaucrats! Sincerely yours, [email protected] 30+ year resident: 20 in Clairemont, 5 in North Park/South Park where I ran for City Council 1999.

Homeless PR agent

Truth of the matter is "homelessness" is a game to the political environment. A game where Hundreds of Million$ of DOLLAR$ are given out annually, right here in San Diego, yet nothing really changes bu the problem getting worse! More women, families and the continually Veterans homeless, and out on the streets. WE NEED REAL AFFORDABLE HOUSING, and living wage jobs. No employer should be able to keep a person if they do not have secure housing that has some privacy for those housed. Without privacy people go crazy, without shelter/housing people die! People need space to be intimate with themselves and/or others. People are not machines, they are humans with physical, psychological and social needs. If they are not well "fueled"(fed), if they do not rest(sleep) well, and if they can't be productive(job in our society), then they die, some slower than others, but they die. Yes, I understand we all die, but at what co$t to our society, to our communities, to OUR NEIGHBORHOOD! Like throwing away a car that is still running, or just pulling out the battery from our smartphone, to expecting everything to continue to work well is just not wise. Like a saying goes: "What you do with the least(poorest/weakest) is your society tells the world who you are." SO WHO REALLY ARE WE SAN DIEGO? Kick the can, or literally the humans, down the road, or significantly deal with the problem, #EndHomelessnessSD via #AffordableHousingSD , and consider the imperfect human HUMAN, so we can nurture, help, and growth that human into surviving then participating again with OUR SOCIETY?!!!

North Park Park, homeless trying to rest during the day, just before <a "Tiny Homes(houses)" has a News conference on San Diego Homelessness Awareness Day 2016">

North Park Park, homeless trying to rest during the day, just before "Tiny Homes(houses)" has a News conference on San Diego Homelessness Awareness Day 2016 by FreedomPlease

Drop the shovel  — more court for Plaza de Panama plan

Look when they were trying to get PETCO, prop.C, we against Prop.C had a study done: $240Million worth of UNFUNDED infrastructure needs...about in 2000,now it is 16-20 times that? Where did all the tax dollar$ go. The budget was less than $1Billion annually then! Where has the extra $2B annually gone for over a decade? : Contractors, paying off mis-spent bonds, and other new projects we can't afford...aka BONDs, that we the taxpayers/constituents can never purchase either, so RICH...see Irwin Jacobs (who owns KPBS) & Co.(Sons) can get even Richer while we become, pot-holed, unparked, unlighted, and homeless!

Drop the shovel  — more court for Plaza de Panama plan

Yes, haven't you heard the "ads" on KPBS our supposed "public" radio that tells of your need to get parking passes now before too late! This is all a big scam that the Jacobs sons are into from Sacramento where they got into big parking deals as owners of the Kings B-ball team! It is all about getting their greedy little hands on more dollar$ and for a Mayor to become KING! Governor of CA! Watch out San Diego County residents you will pay for HIS try at the State HOUSE!

Barrio Logan arrests followed Trump speech

Sad to say, but I still see a lot of hate here. Rather than looking at facts. Trying to get evidence, disciplining those who did wrong: like female SD police officer that instagramed wish for violence/riot text & pic (of self in armor). More investigation needs to be made. Why did they, 2-3 armored police officers take down City Attorney candidate who was slowing walking backward with paper campaign signs? Most arrests were not violent, just taking away from scene, handcuffed, sent to jail. Please if you want to be honest ask for investigation. Why such militarized police forces & so many(18 agencies)? Why so long & far? Why didn't they arrest some Trump wearing clothing people who were violent?-Guy drapped in U.S. flag that was seen kicking and hitting people. The real story needs to be told. Also how much did it cost? Trolley shut down (effecting 100's if not 1000's), many roads closed, some for miles, hundreds of officers/policing people, barricades, helicopters, tank like vehicles, etc? All so that one group can hear another group that causes violent reactions? See media: Trump rally there, violence comes soon after. As local journalist said "all was peaceful until after the Trump Rally let out"

Barrio Logan arrests followed Trump speech

Why the name calling?? Who do you personally know in "protestors"? this is inflammatory speech. There were trouble makers on each side, saw violence from both side on news video footage. But did only see activists ("protestors") put up peace sign and trying to stay between combatants. Please view local news coverage.

San Diego won’t be any more affordable next year

2nd page:

And about minimum wage and income. Minimum wage jobs should be for minimum work/skills/experience. Having jobs that require a certificate, licensing, or degree at minimum wage is totally unjustified. And to require the employee to have special equipment to work that minimum wage job also is unfair. That also goes for entry level jobs, requiring 3-7 years of experience on multiple computer programs/machines/languages/etc is not right. We need to have restriction on what jobs can require for “MINIMUM WAGE”. And there probably should be a tier level of minimum wage/income; minimum certificate or licensing $1 more per hour, higher cert./lic. more. Use of personal equipment for work (ie: personal cell phone, laptop/home computer, tools, GPS, vehicle, etc) an additional $1 or 2 per hour {where can you rent ANYTHING FOR LESS THAN $2 an hour?} Businesses have to be taught to be responsible. Going to work has expenses too! Housing of employee costs, transportation to work costs, meals (out) costs, clothes cleaning costs, child/elder care costs, etc. If your wage doesn't even pay the cost of housing then the wage is humanly unfair. And it means that someone else is subsidizing that employer: parents who house working age children at below market rate or government affordable housing programs. Same for would be employees educational costs/student loans, equipment purchase, and vehicle expenses/or public transportation costs. This is the reason the rich keep getting richer and poor keep getting poor. The rich and powerful pay for less of their burden, while we pay for their increased benefits. Wage stagnation and inflation cause the low wage worker to be at a loss, while going into financial debt and ruin. During “slow years” we need to increase affordable housing (cost less to start), increase small business start ups (less regulation & affordable housing helps), and strengthen no/low cost education (providing a better prepared workforce). When one of the “top 20 richest cities in the U.S.” has housing costs going up much faster than incomes and inflation we are no longer “Americas Finest City”, but more like “Land of the haves and have nots”.

San Diego won’t be any more affordable next year

S.D. Econ...softer next year. (SD Reader Vol.44#52 12/24/15: Don Bauder) San Diego might look better on paper, but the streets tell something different. Homelessness increased by nearly 25% and included even more veterans when the federal, state and regional goal was to eliminate homelessness for veterans. We've seen few housing starts, but many increases in rents. And it was not so much about improved housing stock as much as a lack of housing, especially affordable housing. We might of gotten 40,000 more jobs, but what portion of those pay a livable income. I typed “livable wage”, but then thought about it, who cares if you have a livable wage, yet only get minimal hours and have to work 2 or 3 jobs to get the income needed to survive in San Diego. And if you have more than one job it probably means you aren't getting good benefits (healthcare, vacation, retirement) at either of them. By the time we do vote to a increased city minimum wage of $11.50 when it is implemented (2017) the “livable wage” for San Diego will be way over $14 an hour. But it is very likely that the, “I got mine, why should I pay you yours” lobby will get advertising and the initiative won't pass. We need to make the “softer year” work better for the whole of the city. Why not make incentives for older housing stock to be turned into affordable housing co-operatives. Housing that is for getting people housed rather than investment real estate. Co-operative housing brings vestment in neighborhoods rather than fear of highly increased rents. Members of co-ops know their monthly housing payment (similar to a mortgage) therefore can afford to spend more in “their” community and invest time to help neighbors. The City could ask the County & State to make tax incentives for rental property owners who sell rental complexes at or below market rates to Co-ops for a reduction in their taxes (income and other real estate) for a set amount of time, like 5 years. Win, win, win. City gets more affordable housing, real estate investors get tax break, and low income workers get a chance at lower known home payments. Even more communities become neighborhoods because people can justify investing more into the area they live in.

Sincerely, Daniel Beeman 30 year San Diego worker/resident Clairemont

Don, were you talking about "Q"? Who nows seems to own "Public Radio" too!?!

San Diego won’t be any more affordable next year

Our "junky cars" are because we don't receive enough income to keep up with housing cost increases. The REAL welfare is to the businesses that don't pay a livable wage and still get employees! When a business/employer doesn't pay enough to cover employees living expenses (just basic survival) then that employer is being subsidized: working children living at parents for below market rate rents, gov't affordable housing projects, public transportation, food stamps, etc! If you sell products for less than it costs you to purchase and display you should go out of business. Here is San Diego, you just pay your employees minimum wage, and raise price a few cents. And the rest of us just subsidized the humanly basic needs. 30 year resident.

Former SD councilman fleeced in scam

Sorry, I don't feel much for the ex-pol. who was trying gain great wealth quickly. This seems to be what all the politicians are looking for rather than working for constituents, taxpayers and citizens. Wonder how much he gained while on council for himself over his constituents and the SD citizens? When I ran for SD City Council District 3 (SDSU to DT SD) 1999 the Citys' budget was $1 Billion ,and unfunded infrastructure needs was $400k, now it is $2 Billion budget, and a $2 Billion unfunded infrastructure needs. What have they done with all of our tax money? Why do they keep adding projects we can't afford and infrastructure we can't afford to maintain?


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