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Chula Vista school hurries to get ready for Arne Duncan

You really can’t stop laughing that’s a real shame considering Bleisch has mistreated and harassed so many employees throughout the district. At the end of last year over 15 people documented their issues and inappropriate encounters. The Union President still holds this documentation and is waiting for teacher approval to move forward. His way of “weeding out” teachers and staff is highly questionable. Maybe the laughter will stop when he is finally called to be accountable for his behavior or if he finds himself in a lawsuit. I would love it if someone had the ability to get their hands on his tests scores as a teacher. I would venture to guess he was, as bad at teaching as, he is at being a principal. Bleisch would love to take credit for hiring teachers who believe in kids, as if he is the only one who is able to spot them. The truth is the truth he pushed out teachers who asked questions and did not buy into his cult like behavior. Get your facts straight teachers who left to Bonita and Olympian applied for open positions. They were not “moved” or “placed” as you try to imply, and as for the former CPM ASB advisor she left running after contracting Bells Palsy under his duress. Bleisch is truly lucky that ASB advisor left quietly or did she?

Chula Vista school hurries to get ready for Arne Duncan

cvtaxpayer, Don’t hold your breath fast Eddy fixed Bleisch’s financials. He got his 25k back for the stage. Unfortunately, his new ASB advisor (not director) will give Mr. Bleisch the okay to spend that money. Let’s see how long that money lasts. The oddest thing when the going got too tough for the ASB advisor Mr. Bleisch hired a second ASB advisor for assistance. Is she not competent enough for the job? And if she isn’t why isn’t she back in the classroom? Hire a competent advisor instead of charging taxpayers double for the same job. Is this even legal? Is this the norm of SUHSD? When is Mr. Bleisch going to realize that rules are in place for a reason? When rules are broken there are consequences. When will Brand get tired of cleaning up Bleisch’s spilled milk? The better question is when will the board intervene and hold Brand accountable??? SUSHD is not Brand’s school district. CPM is not Bleisch’s school.

Chula Vista school hurries to get ready for Arne Duncan


What do you mean hear say? People have experienced his bullying tactics first hand. Many have witnessed his unprofessional and abusive harassment from all areas in the district. I’m here to tell you it is not hear say. Clearly you have bought into his arrogance by referring to the past principals of CPM as “inefficient.” I wonder how his peers feel that he sees them as “inefficient.” Prior to Mr. Bleisch CPM has consistently seen growth in their API. Mr. Bleisch would never humble himself and give anyone else credit because in his eyes his “systems” are the only answer. Let me ask what you mean by transform the school? Are you referring to those red windows? Or maybe you are referring to the fact that he forced students to sit in opportunity room after school every day until they returned their registration packets? Or are you referring to the fact that he got rid of the social science curriculum? Or the fact that he diminished all of the accelerated programs forcing proficient and advanced students to find other schools that may offer classes to support their needs? Oh that’s right proficient and advanced students would fail to fit into his Granger Turnaround Model! I will say one thing for certain Mr. Bleisch’s peers whether inefficient or not don’t have their name plastered in the media for unethical behavior and they sure aren’t out there trying to force themselves down everyone’s throat! Did Mr. Bleisch tell you his teachers and counselor won’t work an extra minute for students? Are these the same teachers and counselors who won’t return his texts at 2:00 a.m. clearly Mr. Bleisch has a disjointed perception of when people should be available for work.

Sweetwater underwriters reel in the big one — a grand jury indictment

ZORRO I agree, you are absolutely right about the character of the principal at CPM. I think you meant CPM teachers are fed up, and you are right again. He has already pushed many of us out to make room for his former Granger Colleagues who fully buy into him and his hype. He has helped support the move of an elementary charter school onto his campus in hopes of making CPM a charter. He would fully enjoy running a charter school this way he would be able to fully bully teachers into doing what he wants. He yells at teachers and physically intimidates them. Maybe after the Arnie Duncan visit Brand will begin to recognize that his “boy” is not exactly fit for the job after all.

Sweetwater underwriters reel in the big one — a grand jury indictment

farmgirl, knowthetruth, and Jmbrickley You all bring up some good points. Unfortunately, people in this district are put in high positions only to make the same mistakes again and again. The Castle Park Middle Principal has had money troubles at the previous site he worked at with the mismanagement of money and spending. This is not news. If people are really interested in the management of school funds you should look at it for yourself. It is public record. One fact remains to be true the Principal at Castle Park Middle is out for his own personal gain. He has been trying to sell his “Granger Turnaround Model” for personal gain all over the United States bringing other districts to visit his CPM campus. A model which was created on Sweetwater District time with the input of other district employees. Shouldn’t this model then belong to the district? He also, used a full time science teacher from his campus to develop PowerPoint presentations and to start writing his book. Should tax payers be flipping the bill for his personal gain?

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