Comments by Department5

Rhymes to fight

StitchGiver instead of SpitSicker? You don't speak for MWC sparrow! MWC would never assault a woman take her camera and smash it at the ground and steal her property to play a cat and mouse game, and then use personal family photos found on the disk as leverage to not talk about it. You think thats a victory that is what the clinic refer to as "cowardly lion" syndrome. If you actually believe that Dizzy wasn't there then you get the "Dumbest Marx" award. You are a chump trying to spin reality in defense of a coward that assaults woman to protect his image,damages their property and destroys and/or steals/obstructs evidence, violates intellectual property rights of MWC by unauthorized private broadcasting of MWC Property. Some of this is very similar to what a crooked cop would do when you film the truth. The only one who came out of that situation with visible bruises was Silla Tru. Bruises on her arm, neck (the camera landyard was around her neck she was in the passengers seat, it was yanked from the vehicle off her neck). Department 9 all day everyday what else do you expect. You can find several videos on YouTube of police officers breaking cameras. Theres not a single time they did it to win a game. They did it because they were scared of their own stupidity. The only thing that isn't a true reflection, for the record, is you spinning.

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