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The job-stealing scam — Texas is the biggest con

Interesting opinion when In 1980, Tom Metzger (A known Grand Dragon of the KKK) won the Democratic Party nomination for the U.S. House of Representatives with over 40,000 votes in a San Diego-area district.

There are several known racist organizations who's leadership and organizations are run out of California.

California is not a healthy state. I know many people who have either moved or at least moved their companies to states that support business growth in one way or another, I myself probably wouldn't move to texas but I've known Texans that seemed cool. It's those damned Canadians I can't stand haha

Charles Krulak Denounces Cheney's Torture Policy

As a former Marine, General Krulak's Statements surprise me. I will always assert that interrogating terrorists to get information to maintain the safety of our military AND civilians in this country and abroad should not be hampered by politically correct intentions. Our CIA and our Military should be feared by our enemies. When it comes to saving the lives of our people, no methods should be spared.

I heard an interesting argument yesterday:

If Obama's Daughters were kidnapped and we had reason to believe that one of these detainees had knowledge of their whereabouts, do you honestly believe that we wouldn't exhaust every method to ascertain that information?

I believe that we would and I also believe that any citizens of this country (especially when the threat is against large numbers of people) deserve the same.

I disagree with the idea that al Qaeda is being emboldened by reports of our "mistreating of Muslims" If you think for a moment that members of al Qaeda don't respect brutal tactics you are disconnected to reality.

What has empowered al Qaeda is the knowledge that their actions and complaints create a rift in our own country between people who live in a fantasy world of Utopian ideals and people who understand the reality of war. Anyone who has even read the first chapter of any military tactics manual understands this. al Qaeda will continue to disrupt the country by trying to divide us. The only rule of law they respect is brutality and totality of focus on their objective.

You cannot negotiate with religious fundamentalist radicals and that includes the treatment of their prisoners. They only see compassion as weak and knowing how Americans react they play the "fairness" card as though it were any other weapon. They want to continue this rift pitting one side of America against the other. You are foolish to take the bait. General Krulak surprises me with this but at the same time, it makes me wonder what he knows that we do not.


I would like to confirm that I was in fact beheaded. But, I got better...

Obama: Waiting for the Sunrise?

It's disturbing how the same people who believe that we should allow dangerous countries the right to nuclear power (despite the risk of fuel conversion into weapons which they have announced that they will develop and use) will eschew nuclear energy in our own country.

Here in the US, development of "new" Nuclear Power is either verboten or taboo...

How is it so essential to the development of nations like Iran while here in the US we're stuck trying to eek out micro volts on developing solar power and windmills (reverse engineered and cheaply manufactured in china) which have miserable efficiency ratings in comparison to nuclear power?

This is just another example of radical environmental lobbyists who only see in black and "green" inhibiting success and progress in the US.

David Patrone -- 06/05/09 at Prohibition

If you plan on coming to this gig, you had better do some research first. Seriously. You will not be allowed in without the password. For a clue, click on that red text over there that says "Prohibition" <------------------


What password? I don't know what the hell you guys are talking about...

This place doesn't exist. It's a fairytale.

Officer, I was at home with my mother, reading CityBeat. I swear it's true!

The Flight of the Conchords

I really disagree on the whole "it's just a blog" philosophy. Just because it's a blog doesn't mean you don't have to do your research and proof your writing so that your message is communicated properly/effectively. Why would I spend a precious moment reading your stuff if I have to translate it into something I can parse coherently? You are a professional writer, correct? If so, the public is reading your writing and you should spend a few moments proofing your copy. Show some respect to your readers. Poor spelling is just like not practicing your instrument.

yo B, i went 2 the Conchords last nite @ rimac, it was sik. no tix but got hukdup. Arj was sik, jmAne look sik, bret wz gud but gf wuz bugn on nIjL so splitski

That still put out a clear message.

Thanks for the favorable review although I don't think it was Belly Up, maybe Martini Ranch before it went splitski.


The Flight of the Conchords


I'm no CityBeat employee but I do write from time to time. Whether "tatlar" is or isn't a CityBeat employee doesn't have much to do with the fact that all three of their names are spelled wrong. As an entertainer, I'd be a little peeved that you, as a "professional" writer, didn't do me the simple courtesy of researching your own work and spelling my name right. Name recognition is a pretty big deal to people like that. I think it's different if his name was Jon vs John; but, Jemaine? Arch/Arj? Why wouldn't you look those up? It's just sloppy writing. It's rather annoying when I see my name in print as Dave Patron when it's so easy to get the correct info from a website.

Maybe you could learn from it rather than whining about some nefarious plot to unseat your credibility by an entire paper's staff. Are you really THAT important?

If so, KUDOS my man!

I wish CityBeat was trying to discredit ME all over town. I could use the publicity :) How do I get on THAT list!

The Flight of the Conchords

I'm not a huge fan of FOTC but I thought it would be an entertaining show. My girlfriend really loves them and so I called my hookup and got some nice seats, which, broke about 15 minutes into the show and the guys had to come over and re-attach them or something. anyway.

I thought the opening comedian Arj (Dave on the TV show) had a pretty good set with really interesting concepts. I liked that he talked about his own writing as an aspect of the joke; although, his delivery was hampered by the way the mic was EQ'd. Every time he tried to raise his voice he pulled the mic away from his mouth, the opposite effect would happen as the highs took over and he ended up sounding all tinny. He could probably learn a little better mic control and dynamics vs non-mic'd performance; but, in his defense, that EQ was pretty jacked up. When I perform and the mic is all weird like that it tends to affect the performance. He did a good job and I met him after the show, he was very cool and signed everyone's CDs

There were a couple of technical glitches, Jemaine's omnichord thing or whatever you call it wasn't functioning right, it looked like it needed new batteries cause they couldn't seem to get it to turn up enough. It appeared later in the show, working properly. Then again, they like to do bits like that in the show so you can't always tell whether or not it's a part of the act. It didn't seem like it though. They messed with and incorporated people who were sitting in someone else's seats up front, it was cool. They were quick on improvisational humor. They are definitely funny.

I liked that they came back on for three songs when it seemed the show was over; I also liked the addition of Nigel, the New Zealand Symphony. They also had some cool lighting features.

I enjoyed the wide variety of instruments. Jemaine played guitar and omnichord while Bret played guitar, organ, drums, and some other thing I couldn't see. They both beatboxed and bret even did a little trumpet sound on one of the last tunes. Nigel, the New Zealand Symphony played a little xylophone, bongos, cello, shakers and backed up on vocals.

The harmonies and phrasing weren't really tight and it felt like you were sitting in your living room, just listening to your buddies just foolin' around, not really rehearsed. That is, if your buddies played eight instruments and were really funny; which, in my case, happens to be true :) So I felt right at home.

If you don't know which living rooms to go to in San Diego to find this kind of entertainment at 3am on a Wednesday night, I guess you're relegated to youtube the Flight and enjoy the show.

I did.



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