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Famous Movie Poster Rejects You've Never Seen (Exclusive) Pt. 3

"And finally, the mystery artwork below, a painting that was missing any label or markings. Perhaps you Reader readers can help me identify? Any guesses?"

A Time Of Desitiny (1988)

Starred William Hurt, Melissa Leo and Timothy Hutton, Directed by Gregory Nava.

Famous Movie Poster Rejects You've Never Seen (Exclusive) Pt. 1

It's too bad they aren't higher res and that some of the light flash takes away from some of the image-- but other than that, the collection is very impressive. I like the Batman art-deco background (I can understand why that was vetoed; but it might have been okay for the 90s FOXKids cartoon) But as to the Supergirls, the one I love the best : "She has the power of the universe..." I don't know if any of 'em would have saved the film, gotten more rears in chairs, but I really like that visual flow.

As for suggestions? I remember many years ago where Premiere Magazine had an article regarding rejected posters/ad campaigns for the 1989 James Bond film 'License To Kill'. If you got any of those, that would be nice to see again.

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