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Sun God kills, baby

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Poll: San Diegans don't want to subsidize stadium

It would be a lot cheaper to convert Petco Park into a dual-use baseball/football stadium. I am sure the conversion could be done on a shoe string budget. Petco Park should never have been built in the first place. But if it had to be built, it should have been constructed as a dual-use stadium from the get go. That way both the Chargers and Padres could help the city pay the bonds. I want to see Comic-Con, the Padres, and the Chargers leave San Diego for greener pastures. I also want the city to shut down the Over the Line Tournament by not allowing Fiesta Island to be used for such an idiotic purpose.

The mayor's wife's power boat is sold

Hizzoner did not want to answer any questions about the boat during the election. One of the media contacted Hizzoner when they couldn't find any record he paid property taxes on a boat. He did not respond to the questions. There's something very wrong with that boat. I'd like to see some transparency. Hizzoner should cough up the log so we can see who rode that boat. Provide checks to show who paid the insurance, slip fees, etc.

Total Wealth mis-Management

The Bishop of the local stake should launch an investigation to determine whether Jake forked over 10% of the kickbacks to the church like he's supposed to. If Jake cheated the church he should be stripped of his longjohns and castrated from the church rolls. The Bishop should put the mark of Cain and the curse of Ham upon him for his financial perfidy.

The mayor's wife's power boat is sold

It costs a lot to own and operate a boat. Kevin may have been getting help from Uncle Sam by writing the boat off against his wife's taxes. I wouldn't put it past him. Hiding the boat in the wife's business looks kinky. I also wonder whether he paid market rates for the boat slip. A lot of connected investors operate marinas on city property.

Senator Hueso busted for DUI, paper reports

That Latino shindig had to have ended by 11 pm. If Ben was arrested at 2:39 am, then he may have been out with a girlfriend. I don't see any other explanation for the time gap. It's like the missing 18 1/2 minutes on the Nixon tape. Ben may well be an olympic class swordsman on a par with the great Porfirio Rubirosa. Where were you Ben?

Dude, that fish taco place called again

I always use a Jack Nicholson soundboard when telemarketers call. I also like to use Joe Pesci's soundboard. He says really revolting things. It's very amusing. You should try it.

Name shame

Many Jews celebrate Christmas as a secular Holiday and decorate trees in their homes and buy presents for their children. Jews also own businesses that profit from Christmas. It is hypocritical for Jews to demand a name change when many Jews profit from and celebrate Christmas. That's why I don't think many Jewish La Jollans want to change the name of the parade.

Ian Campbell blasted in opera magazine

Don was interviewed on radio about Ian Campbell. See link to podcast below. The radio station did an excellent job editing out the profanity.

Sempra under investigation, says Mexican press

If I was trying to build an LNG terminal in Mexico and had to bribe government officials, I would ask the foreign supplier of the gas to pay the bribes so it couldn't be traced back to me. These types of payments are pretty standard in most other countries. That's why I don't think they're going to tie the bribes, if any, to Sempra. The employees of the foreign gas suppliers involved in any bribes probably received Bangalore neckties to shut them up. Sempra is as clean as a hound's tooth as Ike used to say.


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