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Which of these wars was justified?

Hey, you left out the Korean War. None of them since WWII have been justified. We need to stay out of the African territory...they have been scrapping among themselves for 1000's of years. Bring out troops home and put them on our borders.

Grantville Action Group loses at appeals court level

When the public gets a ruling like this it causes them to ponder how do we not elect them to office in the first place? Secondly why isn't easier to remove them once they reveal what they are. Thanks Don Bauder for your dependable reporting.

Newsom Attacks Critic of Project Backed by Wealthy Donor

Newsome wants to run for governor and doesn't know that 80% of the San Diego public oppose Jacobs/Sanders bypass bridge? I do concede he is another politician who will sell himself to campaign donors like Irwin Jacobs. By attacking Wayne Donaldson, Newsome obviously knows nothing about the Department of Interiors Guidelines for historical preservation as applicable to the Western entrance to Balboa Park.

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