Judith Moore

In 1985, Judith Moore, a Berkeley writer, was brought to San Diego to write feature stories for the Reader. In 1986, Moore began to take on the role of senior editor. Moore conducted and wrote a weekly interview with renowned writers.

Her own books include The Left Coast of Paradise: California and the American Heart (1987), Never Eat Your Heart Out (1997), and Fat Girl: A True Story (2006). Judith Moore was awarded two NEA Fellowships for literature. In 1995, she received a Guggenheim Fellowship. She died in 2007.

Some of her early Reader stories included:

Mananimal (philosophizing about the San Diego Zoo — Moore's first story written for the Reader, Jan. 27, 1983)

The Girls of Summer (interviews with teenagers on the beach, Aug. 28, 1986)

Angel of the Apocalypse (Herbert Marcuse's years at UCSD, Sept. 11, 1986)

Her Little Girl (Moore's grandmother, Aug. 27, 1987)

In the Beauty of the Lilies (interview with John Updike, Feb. 29, 1996)

How Far We Came To Be Here and How Much Along the Way We Lost (Thanksgiving dinner, Nov. 26, 1997)

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