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Let’s Build an Even Bigger Jack in the Box in North Park

Rosijoni, I’m glad you finally pointed out what everyone pointing fingers at JIB has been tiptoeing all along. 30th Street is the busiest north/south artery through North Park with thousands of cars and the #2 bus line navigating those two awkward intersections on a daily basis. Jack in the Box does not add to the traffic problems here. And now what is surely going to be a big sore thumb, the North Parker, is only going to add to the traffic problems at this intersection. I can only imagine what it will be like once it is finished, but it scares me to see what is happening on that construction site right now What gall to actually put the “Do The Right Thing Jack” banner on the their fence! Hey Pot, Kettle calling. I’m sure Bluefoot is finally glad to have some of the heat taken away from them. I don’t think any JIB customers park their cars in front of the neighbor’s homes. JIB customers don’t throw up and urinate on peoples lawns or the alleys behind their homes. I wonder is the protests would be as loud if there were a brewery going in instead of Jack in the Box? I guess it’s fine as long as it doesn’t have a drive-thru.

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Lawsuit filed against City of San Diego for allowing fast-food chain Jack in the Box to remodel North Park restaurant

I am actually quite happy with the way things are turning out. As a 15-year resident and homeowner, I find JIB having a drive-thru very convenient. This whole thing is about a game of "gotcha" you knocked down an extra wall. Technically, true, a minor violation, but in the end, the footprint is essentially the same, nothing more, nothing less. The fact is, 30th & Upas is one busy intersection that is about to get even busier, and it has nothing to do with JIB. Aside from being a major eyesore, North Parker is going to a much bigger neighborhood headache than JIB ever was or ever will be.

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neighborhoods/north-park -- North Park

Is there anyone else sick of the traffic clusterf*#k cause by slow city development at Texas and El Cajon Blvd?? Come on already!Traffic is backed up all the way up Texas from Mission Valley EVERY DAY! Get a new Mayor already and pay attention to business!

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It ain't over until they haul the projector out of The Ken

The owners of the theatre would never allow that to happen. I see how much you sun-baked locals have done to support The Ken. Do you think there'd be talk of closure on the 27th if business was good? Add don't s*it on Illinois: one of its fallen sons is swinging his heart out to keep this lovely theatre alive. If it does close -- and I don't think it will -- don't blame the owners or Landmark for its fall. Blame yourselves.

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What Faulconer didn't tell Candy Crowley

Anyone who thinks San Diego and surrounding cities are safe or safer is delusional. The next terrorist attack will happen and it will be from the very communities that abound in the San Diego area. The border is wide open and the waterfront is easy to get to. We have huge populations of the very people who share the same belief system as the ISIS folks. It should not surprise anyone when a terrorist, organized or self radicalized rises up and strikes right here in San Diego.

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The warmonger Obama

The real warmongers are making a lot more money than Poor Obama. Perhaps he can build a coalition of free democratic countries to put terrorists out of commision. For decades, what has happened to our veterans is inexcusable. Atrocious Injury in war and lack of care at home. Those battle loving buckaroos Cheney and Bush should cough up the big bucks they got. Split that with the vets for doing their grunt work.

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AirBnB, the elephant in the room

There are thousands of houses being rented in San Diego tonight under identical circumstances. Legal or not, it isn't fair to this one woman. They are all advertised on the Internet. If every tourist in the country can find them, surely the City Attorney should be able to find them also.

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Next time you are looking for a house or apartment to rent or share and can't find anything at a reasonable price, you can thank people like this who choose to rent to tourists because they can make four or five times as much money that way. You can also thank people like this when your taxes go up to pay for city-financed affordable housing. People who rent short term to tourists are the McDonalds and Walmart of landlords - they make all the profit while the rest of us subsidize their businesses by paying for housing for those who have been priced out of the market.

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AirBnB, the elephant in the room

So this woman is miffed at her neighbors for blowing the whistle on her shady rentals? What about her neighbors having to deal with strangers coming in and out of this woman's house on a regular basis, the noise, the parking, the traffic, etc.? A good neighbor wouldn't subject the people living close to her to that kind of nuisance. I was reading an article the other day about a dentist who bought four homes strictly as temporary rentals. He doesn't live in those houses, and doesn't rent out his house, he just turns over the keys to these "luxury homes" in different areas of the county. Imagine how the people in those areas feel about the hordes of strangers who suddenly appear and move into a house then leave a few days later, only to be followed by the next horde of strangers -- or what could be worse, a house sitting vacant for weeks, even months. This doesn't create a sense of community or neighborliness, just the opposite. Residential areas were never meant for these purposes, and it shouldn't be allowed.

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AirBnB, the elephant in the room

Just about every city, big and small, have regulations for rentals under 30 days. I live in a village of 2,000 and they do. I own a bed and breakfast and I am tired of following the rules, paying the taxes, getting the licenses and doing everything legal when the people who sign up for airbnb DO NOT!!!!!! It's time to play fair. I get my place inspected by health inspectors, I pay the city, country, state and federal taxes. They don't. If you want to rent out rooms to people, play by the rules and you won't get fined. I don't feel a bit sorry for her. They are called LAWS for a reason.

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City bucks for “twinkle lights”

It will be illuminating to see how North Park merchants and customers like the new lighting. Shoppers will vote with their wallets and purses, and indicate WATTS happening. {Sorry, couldn't help it!}

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Lil B's closes

I think their purchase of the U.S. Grant is a long term plan. There will be gambling in downtown San Diego. Mark my word.

I write this from Philadelphia tonight, where there is are several Harrah's casinos, in a state where wine and spirits are still sold in state stores. Although Costco is lobbying to change that.

Gambling, it appears, has more supporters and power than booze. Yes, gambling will come to downtown San Diego because of money. Pot, booze, gambling... that seems to be a freight train nobody is going to stop.

And for Christ sake, if Trump can be a serious candidate, anything can happen anymore.

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Neighbors take sides in Normal Heights dog dispute

I'm just tired of people bringing their dogs to the grocery store. Home Depot, okay, maybe. Your f'ing dog can help you pick out paint colors. But grocery stores, Walmart and Target. Leave your f'ing dog home. Some people even buy fake "service dog" vests on the intenet.

Don't get me wrong, I love dogs. I don't understand the flaunting of public health rules to bring your mutt in the store. What is next? Movie theaters, church, emergency room visit.

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