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What am I doing in Eastlake?

I am not sure what is more disappointing, someone complaining that they live in a diverse community, with a low crime rate, that is well manicured, has great schools, a large newer house at an affordable price (which will not put her in the situation most of Americans are in with inflated house prices), an abundance of conveniences, and friends who have embraced her and love the community OR that SD Reader has deemed this a newsworthy cover story. What really deserves the cover is what can be done to lower the crime rates in the areas the author loves so much and make them safer for the residents living there. I find this article insulting and feel the author and SD Reader should be embarrassed for publishing a whiney rant from someone who lives somewhere too nice. I am sure there are people reading this article in less desirable areas of the city and in much worse conditions that would give anything to be living in a community like Eastlake. Shame on all of you.

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