What's your primary source for news?

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Social media 7 votes


Websites/news feeds 64 votes


Televised newscast 15 votes


Physical newspaper 8 votes


Radio 10 votes


Word of mouth 3 votes


Other (please specify in comments) 4 votes


111 total votes


Now that the NCTimes is gone, I get most of my local headlines from the news crawl on a promotional screen at the bagel place I stop at almost every morning. They actually "plagiarized" . . . er . .. used one of my Reader stories before I knew it was published. I was reading my exact quote and thought it looked very familiar. Then its tie between The Reader and the Coast News for local stories of interest. I watch the local TV morning news shows, but they're produced in 1/2 hour cycles. So by 6 a.m., I'm up-to-date and bored as they start giving filler news from Florida, or checking out the latest exercise program in Hillcrest.

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