Westminster Presbyterian Church

Sunday’s service at Westminster Presbyterian was shot through with music. The folksy opening songs, full of strumming and tambourines and tentative harmonies, matched the ’60s decor (A-frame outfitted with stained glass at the base): “If you want to be free, he said, follow me/ Open your eyes if you want to see, and you’ll see/ That it takes faith first...” Faith first — the step into the uncertain, dangerous dark — was the theme.... [more]

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Looking for high quality Broadway shows in San Diego? Let the talented cast of Vanguard Theater entertain you. “COMPANY” the Tony Award-winning musical by Stephen Sondheim and George Furth is now playing at the Vanguard Theater in Point Loma until July 31st, 2016.

In “COMPANY” Robert, a bachelor, explores his own relationship issues. He romantically deals with three of his single ladies and watches the struggles, conflict, addiction, routine, divorce and compromises that have developed in the lives of five of his well meaning married friends. Will such experience and observations allow Robert to find out if it is better to be married than single? Is he up for a surprise as he celebrates his 35th birthday in the immense New York City?

I saw the play this past weekend and found the acting and singing to be outstanding. I still catch myself singing the lyrics from the show particularly “Lady Who Lunch” and “Being Alive”. These lovely songs as powerfully performed are still pleasantly ringing in my ears. Bravissimo!!!

For more information please visit http://vanguardsd.org

Ellie Anne

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