Nicky Rottens Bar & Burger Joint

This joint is out in the burbs of El Cajon, surrounded by fast-food places in a much-needed oasis. The parking lot is usually jammed, so if you can brave the traffic, park in a shopping center and travel across the street.

The bar is big and filled with what seems like at least a dozen bartenders mixing drinks and schmoozing with the customers. It’s a real bar, but when you look past the bottles, you’ll see families, couples, and lots of singles enjoying the vibe.

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This place deserves a possitive mention. I am a retailer myself and I know service and I love food. Our server, Sean, was the most upbeat guy we have had serving us in months! He was helpful, friendly and cheerful. We have three kids under the age of four and he treated each one like an adult and served them as well My wife and the kids loved him...Ask for Sean, you will enjoy him. As to the food, everything we had was great! My wife is South African and SA's LOVE meat. Ruth Chris is our favorite steak house and she said this, "Next time I want a steak we are coming here!" So now we have two favorite steak houses. The salads and oyster Rockefeller were very good too. It is not a cheap place to eat (nice steaks never are) but the food and atmosphere make it worth the prices. It is NOT just a steak house. The menu is BIG and they will have something for everyone. From King Crab, to roasted hens, fish, hamburgers (I had one and it was excellent) and even a kids menu for $5.95 (The Mac and Cheese was all consumed!) Give the place a try and review them if they deserve it! Thanks Sean...Leo and Family."

Thanks for the positive post. I left one too. These guys deserve better.

Gosh I wish I was as lucky with my Savanna Grill experience as Leo and his family was but I had just the opposite experience with my service. It was AWFUL! I have tried Savanna's 4 times and 3 out of 4 times we have had very slow service, unfriendly waitress and just felt like walking out after this last visit.

The food is good especially the fish tacos and that was why I tried it 4 times. But after my last visit and the unfriendly service we received today I will never be back. I plan on calling the manager tomorrow and lodging a complaint and hopefully I'll be the last person getting crappy service at Savanna's.

Your article is completely inaccurate other than the burger part. Nicky Rottens was known for some of the BEST live 80’s and 90’s bands as well as awesome country in the evenings on the weekends. Also it was a good place for family inside the main restaurant to eat and hang out. Great food! Everyone jokes about east County and of course they are dumb journalists who are judging without any real facts. People out here are real and down to earth LOCALS and many live on ranch’s. BTW The back area was a golf course not a pasture. This location had Good food and was a fun place to hang out. It sure beats that DJ pop/hip hop crap played in every bar/ restaurant downtown. Not the studio no talent music that wouldn’t sound worth a crap live. I agree with Leo’s post. Sean deserves Better. He had a real good crew of employees too. Who the heck wants a dog gone hooka bar they aren’t American or CA. We are much more into our health than sitting around smoking. They are not into loving the fresh air and open spaces. It won’t work out in this area either. I hope they fail. It’s all about money with these type of owners. If another owner took over and had the same type of atmosphere as Nicky Rottens everyone would support it and come back. We miss our hang out and the restaurant. Thanks Sean and any other co-owners for owning one of the best places in east County.. similar to Dirks and Full Circle Saloon.

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