Grandma's Tofu & BBQ

  • 4425 Convoy Street, San Diego, CA 92111 | Directions
  • 858-277-2220

There’s a short list of enjoyable dishes here. “Hal-muh-nee,” grandmother in Korean, does a nice Dolsot Bi Bim Bap, the ubiquitous stone bowl rice dish. The key is to not mess about with your rice until it forms a nice rice crust. Then you can go for it. Add in some sweet-tangy-spicy cho-kochujang and enjoy. On special occasions order the jokbal bossam, steamed pork belly and simmered pig’s feet served with ssamjang (seasoned bean paste), daikon radish and oyster kimchi, raw garlic,and chopped Serrano peppers, all to be wrapped up in Napa cabbage leaves and devoured.

During the winter get the seolleontang, belly-coating beef bone soup, which you season yourself with sea salt. Most of the entrées come with stone bowl rice. You are also provided with a carafe of water. After consuming most of the rice, you’ll be left with the bits stuck onto the bowl. You drizzle as much, or as little of the water over the rice, loosening it from the bowl. Some folks add a good amount of water, creating a version of scorched rice porridge. Pour just enough to loosen the crispy, nutty, rice.

Hours: 10am - 11pm daily, (till 12am, Sunday night; till 10pm Monday)

Prices: Mulmandu boiled or fried pork dumpling (7 pieces), $6.99; japchae, stir-fried clear noodles, $13.99; kimchi soondubu (kimchi with pork tofu soup), $11.99; dolsot bibimbap (veggies, beef, egg, rice in a hot pot with 8 sides), $13.99; kimchi jjigae (stew, pork, tofu), $11.99; beef bulgogi (BBQ), rice, sides, $17.99

Buses: 27, 44, 60

Nearest bus stops: Convoy and Armour (44); Balboa and Convoy (27, 60)

Restaurant Details

Detail Status
Cuisine Korean
Price range of entrées $7 - $9
Delivery No
Outdoor seating No
Party room No
Reservations accepted Yes
Kids menu No
Occasional live music No
Payment Options Accepts credit cards

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