Duck Foot East Village Taproom & Kitchen

Duck Foot Brewing serves gluten free food at its East Village restaurant and taproom, where even the beer has been stripped of the stuff. The Brazilian cheese bread ($7), or Pão de queijo, is already meant to be made with gluten free cassava and/or tapioca flours.

Going a different cheesy direction is the mac and cheese ($9), where corn and quinoa based pasta swims in a creamy blend of melted cheddar, jack, and smoked gouda. There’s an option to add pulled pork or buffalo chicken for $3, mushrooms or kale for $2.

That standard of Spanish tapas bars, patatas bravas ($7), is interpreted here as smashed baby potatoes topped with scallions and chipotle aioli. If you want them made a little extra, add egg ($1) or shrimp ($3). It's deceptively casual food for a casual taproom and restaurant right beside the Park & Market trolley stop, and it will help you forget you ever worried about gluten.

Upcoming Events

  • Vinny Dee

    Saturday, February 22, 7:00 p.m.

Ongoing Events

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