Boney's Bayside Market

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Boney’s Best

When I first moved onto the island several friends of mine raved about Boney’s delicious sandwiches. Some even cross the bridge just to get their fare. With high expectations I tried my first Boney’s sandwich and was disappointed with its mediocrity. Again, I kept hearing declarations of Boney’s sandwich addictions and decided to give it a second try. Alas, I found what I’d been missing. The secret to ordering is that you MUST get the focaccia bread and have it grilled. They will modify any of their sandwich choices to your specification. I like to get the Coronado Club grilled. Price range $4.95-$6.95.

What’s YOUR favorite Boney’s sandwich or food selection?


by LaurenJ

Boney's Bayside Market has the BEST sandwiches on the Island. As mentioned above, any sandwich with the focaccia bread warmed up is Amazing! My favorite is the Island Baja. It's reasonably priced, made with fresh ingredients, and is large enough to even split. Their sandwiches are my 'go to' lunch at least a couple times a week.

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