Boar Cross'n

The backstory: the club first opened its doors as Ralph and Eddies in 1958, next door to what is now Spin Records. Ralph and Eddie were Marine buddies. Rumor has it that Eddie’s body was buried under Spin Records after he passed. Back then, they had caged monkeys, a boa constrictor, and a pet raccoon. The club’s name was changed to Boar Cross’n in the early ’90s. Now, they are a 280+ capacity home base for rockers past and present, such as Unwritten Law, Fenix TX, Buck O Nine, Nihilist, Killer Priest of Wu-Tang, Eydea & Abilities, Glue, Visionaries, Kurtis Blow, Sprung Monkey, Dead Prez, and Trouble in the Wind.

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