Amici Park

  • State Street and Date Street, San Diego, CA 92101 | Directions

Amici Park offers sculptures of Italian dishes and plaques featuring recipes for stuffed artichokes and marinara sauce. But the space’s best taste of Italian culture comes from the red-white-and-green bocce courts on its north side. You have to bring your own balls, but the 90-foot, decomposed granite courts are free to use. Toss the jack, roll the ball, and score. (Check for complete rules.) If you get good enough, you might consider the Little Italy Amici Park Bocce Ball tournament each October; the first-place team wins $500.

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Although this is not a dog park and multiple signs clearly say that dogs should be kept on a leash, local dog owners have taken over the park. They let dogs run free and make the park unsafe for children. The park is right next to a school, but selfish owners let their dogs defecate all over the park, causing a health hazard. Authorities make no effort to enforce the leash rule.

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